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I try as hard as I can each day to at least smile, because my motto is always "It Could Be Worse" and it really could. Today though has got me down. I've had huge problems dropping things today. I feel like the guy in the skittles advert! Everything he touches turns to skittles, well everytime I touch something I drop it! Also my whole right side has decided to go on holiday without me :(

I'm grateful and I'm thankful for every single day that I'm here and for my family. They all do so much for me and I understand just how much hard work it is looking after someone who is disabled. I've forgotten what its like to be pain free! I feel like I shouldn't complain and I don't like to really. I've had a hard week this week though as I lost my granddad on Monday and things like that affect me so easily.

Anyway I just wanted to put down in words how I've been feeling, going to have a rest now. Gentle fibro hugs to you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather - that's probably what has affected you. When you have to struggle to cope, it doesn't take much to knock you out of kilter, so I'd say you're doing pretty well to keep going at all.

It's good that your family are helpful - so many people don't have that blessing!

Hope you feel better soon.

Moffy x


Hi Moffy,

Thank you so much for your reply. I definitely know that I am a lucky girl! :) Thank you for your kind wishes


I was sorry to read of your grandfather's death my heart felt condolences. I never knew mine but always wished I had.

Sometimes we need to just talk about our problems and rant about our bug bears this site is brilliant . We are all / in the position. Gentle hugs. Xgins


Hi gins,

Thank you so much for your reply. I know what you mean, I always feel better after putting things down on here. x


so sorry to hear about your grandfather, im just glad you can come and voice your thoughts and feelings on here, take care now gentle hugs for you..Dee xx


Hi Cookie, thank you so much for you kind comments, I totally agree with what you say this place is just perfect for letting off steam :) xx


Sorry to hear about your Granddad. I'm not surprised you're feeling out of kilter. Try and take time to be kind to yourself. Gentle hugs to you too, sounds like you need them. Becky xx


HI Malwimmy,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, gentle hugs to you also :) xxx


Sorry to hear about your Granddad, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. Take some time to relax and have time to grieve, things like this hit us harder than most as they affect everyone mentally and physically but when we already have fibro the physical side is worse...

Take care of yourself xx


HI MaryD,

Thank you for your comments and I will do what you say, it just takes time. :) xxx


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