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Oops I'm running out of spoons!

Morning, it's been a long night. I've been running on adrenalin this week. Felt wonderful, got lots done and was very motivated. Now comes the pay back. Little sleep last night as my arms were twanging. That's my way of describing what feels like they are guitar strings which have been strummed and won't stop vibrating. Legs bad too. All not helped by change in weather and air pressure. Raynauds has kicked in as well so thank goodness for spell checkers. On the up side still got lots of adrenalin and going out to garden centre for coffee and unhealthy breakfast! When I'm like this I seem to hurtle towards that custard feeling very quickly, you know when you feel as if you are wading through thick custard and it's slowing you down. At the moment our senior cat has decided to use me as a cushion which is good as I'm a sucker and won't disturb him. Thanks for letting me rant and offload always helps. Remember folks shopping for shoes is best way of cheering the day up ( even if you cant wear them you can dream)

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It's great to things off your chest sometimes and a good old rant to people that understand is the best!!!! Hope you start to feel better soon

Ths weather sucks....hurry up summer!!! x


There should be like an emergency spoon suppl shop some where they would make a fortune lol.


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