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Esa form work capability


I was reading through my form and I noticed for work capability assessment they gave me 9 6 15 points which I'm confused about yet I failed eveything!😐

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If you got a total of 15 points you should have been awarded ESA I am confused too.x

so am I the descion maker the women thought it would be okay to fail me!😒

Hi Shahanara123

It may be best to ring them on the number at the top of your letter and ask about this as it does not sound right at all? With those points you should have qualified for a ESA. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Like Ken says ring em Hun worse they can do is clarify why you didn't get it or they can except they made a mistake. If you don't question it they won't look at it again your case will be filed and they won't be aware of the mistake lol wishing you loads of luck and a right desission no idea if that is spelt right lol xxxxxxxx

I would phone but follow it up with a written so that you have a written reply as well. I think you then have four weeks to lode an appeal, please check this timings.

I rang them up my appeal doesn't start in till 8 to 9 weeks.

Sorry it's we that only have four weeks to complete the ESA50 form including getting it back in on the given date. I keep on remembering important things like a large strangulated hernia and frequent bouts of hospitalisation because of pneumonia!

I understood if you got 15 in any section then you qualified for ESA so I can't understand why you haven't been automatically been awarded it?

Best of luck 


Mine went in on Friday so  I have the wait until there first reply 😳

I'm confused about that aswell 

good luck x


Dont know if this helps but have you spoken to your gp.because mine contacted me to say esa had written to him asking various questions. Maybe you can ask what he had written so lucky i have such a fantastic gp.who has helped me enormously .especially with my esa .im now in the support group which i think a lot of was down to my doctor 

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Thanks Malcolm I've got a good GP but it's such a hit and miss system. How well the individual can explain their disability, how ATOS decided to interpret that into words that suit them, then the Drs interpretation then back to ATOS, who may contact Consultants, specialists, physio, pain clinic, psychiatric or psychologist for depression, as if theses people are deemed unfit in their first consultations, then ATOS AGAIN!  who recommended a course of action for DWP. Anyone seen a system set up to fail such as this?

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