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Hurt so much all over especially chest area

Morning everyone, sorry to moan but I'm in a heck ofa lot of pain my fault really, helped e very dear friend yesterday with her gardening she is severely partially sighted, my face is a Blur to her even when I'm standing next to her, we needed to move a small bush , and a lot of flowers needed deadheading, I think she's marvellous for what she does try to do without help, she also lives on her on, I don't think I could cope if I lost my sight like that, hers is caused by diabetic ,anyhow job done and she is well pleased, but unfortunately my poor body is suffering big time, especially cross the chest I guess it's the muscles, and the shooting pains in my legs are a lot worse than normal, so I'm afraid it's a bed rest all day for me today, ...hope you are all having a reasonably good day, ..gentle hugs to all......Dee xx

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Sounds like it... The trouble is with fibro we are very limited on bad days so our muscles don't get regular exercise .. So when we feel good we use our muscles and of course the next day they scream at us .......

I have rib and muscular pain every day ... But even on a better day if I do more my chest screams at me the next day .....


VG x


Oh Cookie, how kind of you to help your neighbour, as VG say am we all tend to do more than we should when on a better day and then reap the consequences after. I do it often in the garden and then wish for days after that I hadn't done quite as much as I did !! Pacing as the saying goes...... Pacing !!

I hope you take it easy today and start to feel better very soon. :-)

Foggy x


Good on you, Cookie, for helping a friend in need - at least your pain is not in vain.

I hope you feel easier soon - you don't deserve to suffer when you have been so helpful to others - it's not a fair world!

Moffy x


thank you all for your support, I went back to bed with a cup of coffee, to which i dont drink much of, I started to watch Jeremy Kyle for something to do and before I knew it it was 2.15pm I had come to on and off but slept most of the morning away, got up done a couple of jobs fed the animals can still barely walk son now back in bed again, I really dont have the energy to anything else, but I do feel soo frustrated< I really have to do what you all keep saying to others "pace myslef", and you are right ladymoth its not a fair world in more ways than one, I really do wish tho that those that dont have this bummer of a condition would just understand,if only a little, but hey ho not a great deal we can do about it, is there, just glad I have this site and my fibro friends to support me and cheer me up, so thans to you all your a great bunch gentle hugs to you all ...Dee xxx


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