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Been a while!!!

Well been ages since I last wrote a blog he he been a very busy bee either working or dyiny from working he he... just got home from my last shift until tuesday thank god lol.

Nothin new going on really... stopping smoking. Ordered my e-cigarette today finally l, anyone used one? Any good? :)

Just been on holiday :D well deserved break, been to turkey with my cousin :D we excellent had a great time even with most of the holl going wrong and the journy home being a complete disaster, thinking of writing a book if I was good at it ha. All about my life would cheer alot of fibromyalgia sufferes up thats for sure :D like both chuckle brothers combined ha .. keeps life interesting though and my mind busy so always a good thing.

Ramberling on now so suppose I should get in bed when I have removed my little lodger who likes pinching my bed when im at work ha ( my little sister) :P bless he he.

Bye bye. Good night, god bless and sweet dreams to you all :)

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Well done Mrs Otter keep going with the no smoking it does get easier and you will reap the benefits so much .

Glad you enjoyed your holiday enjoyed your "ramblings" tell us more xgins


Yes -- thrilled you're giving up the ciggies - it's the best possible move you can make towards good health.

What happened on your holiday? Holiday disasters are always funny in retrospect - after you've recovered, that is! :D

Moffy x


Great to hear you had a lovely holiday despite the travelling disasters. I know 4 people who use the e cigarette all of them have found it to be the best of the cessation aids. I hope it works for you too. Be good to hear more about your holiday. Becky xx


Holiday disasters ..., thinks back to last holiday 12 years ago.... Yup it was a disaster my son caught a horrible skin infection .. The GP said it was either the pool not being clean enough or the wetsuit we borrowed for him ... But the weather was nice in Cornwall :D


Yeah looking forward to stopping I have smoked 7 years, sick of being 19 and waking up every morning not able to breathe in a morning.

Well my holiday at first I was delayed two days to fly out so instead of 10 days only had 8 and then mid way through the holiday me and my cousin where on karaoke singing when we heard a big crash, our table over, money, shoes, bags soaked in vodka & beer & lit by the lovely candle which was on our table. So with no shoes on I ran through thr glass etc as all our money was there as we didnt trust our cleaners so blistered all my feet :) manages to salvage most things ha. Then on the way home got near front of que of check in after our 90 minute transfer took 3 hours, they then told us that the plane we were ment to be getting on had a problem so they had down sized the plane so anyone who was left at check in could no longer get on the manchester plane. We had to get on a london gatwick plane for 4 hours and then coach to manchester for 5 hours and finally a hour and half car journey home.. my body was killiinn! Lol. Disaster yes but one great holiday, went on a boat trip, went to waterpark :) got really drunk and went skinny dippiing at 4 in the morning to be told the day after I could have been locked up abroad for that :S scary eh. Got a lovely tan & some great presents for family ect :P I shall upload a photo then u can all be jelous of my tan he he ;) xx


Glad you have given up smoking I gave up years ago and never went back to them :)

Re. you're holiday glad you enjoyed it! BUT sounds like my kind of nightmare :) I can't do stress at all! Well done for keeping cheerful :)


Lol my life is always like this everything I do is stressfull ha. It gets annoying when nothing goes right but hey Makes a good story tho :) xx



The holiday sounds exciting glad you didnt cut your feet! Can you imagine if you had been arrested for swimming in the nuddy (chuckles) Glad you weren't. So now you are back home with enviable tan recovering, brilliant.

Life will be some what boring or have you more adventures planned?



Ha ha well, going to seeside with my cousin who I went on holiday with so the possibilities are endless ha within the last 3 months we have broken down in her car so theres always a chance of yhat happening, may go swimming in the english sea in the rain... no idea until we get there :D. I am also moving out of my mums home soon so that should be another disaster he he. Boyfriend has booked a suprise for 5th, 6th and 7th of july, only found out teo days ago coz work has changed my shift so I need to tell them this was already booked so they av to give me it off ha. I still dont knoe ehat we are doing and where we are going but no doubt be a great chapter in my book that doesnt even exsist lol :D.

And as for cutting my feet done that twicr before one had to have 8 stitches in bottom of my foot and both times had to have glass removed ha. Only recently too. :).


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