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pain pain go way

well day 4 of chronic back pain can hardly walk today sleep was on and off all night and this morning I feel like crap. cant get doctors appointment as they are full already and to be honest all she wll say is its your ibro lets try upping these ills or change to another im so fed up with the pain the depressision is getting to the high point not sure what to do except carry on and hope something triggers in my body for th pain to give me a few hours off still I shouldn't complain as at least my fingers are working today so at least I can type even if its for a short while hubby is being great helping me and trying his hardest to cheer me up I don't think its heping knowing ive got a big family bbq on Saturday and I know there is going to be a bit of a situation there with family and I have to go so im starting to panic about that. sorry for ranting people but just felt like etting of a bit of steam. and to top it all the weather is sh..

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Agree about the weather - it's unspeakable!

Sorry you're feeling so bad. Most of us agree that getting adequate pain control is the most important thing with fibro. If you are comfortable and can get some rest, the depression will usually lift.

Maybe you could visit your GP with a written list of your main probs, and get a review. Tell her that you need some decent pain relief and then take it from there.

Don't worry about the BBQ - let others do the work - it won't hurt them, but if you think there will be a 'situation', then cancel it. If it's not going to be fun for you, then why bother? If you're doing it for the enjoyment of others, then they must all muck in and help with the work - why should you do it all?

Feel free to come here and let off steam any time - we all do it! Join in with a few laughs, too, when you can - we find it cheers us up no end!

Moffy x


thanks moffy got gp next week the only appointment I could get unless I want a quick 5 minute where you can only mention one thin so told docs I want at least 10 minutes as I have a list of things


Hope your appt goes well, very hard to try get your point across and explain how you are coping in 5 or 10 mins! Take care xx


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