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Slipping in and out of sensibility

Waking up tired as all hell

limbs refuse to co operate

slammin down the damn alarm bell

chest hurtin to respirate

stagger slow down each stair

drag the kettle to the heat

fumble the window for some air

but the catch has you beat

a cup of coffee and some pills

breakfast of the basest kind

for a sufferer of constant ills

of body, guts and mind

string out the morning time

trying to focus on this day

there is no rythm and no ryhme

no answers and no way

sitting finds you fast asleep

but standing is a bitch

and laying down is no relief

and tablets make you itch

friends all stay away now,

bored of your condition

they really don't like how

you alter their position

medication is kicking

possibilities enter your head

time is tick, tick, ticking

what to do? It's like I said...................

.....your mind may now be willing

but fibro is a sneaky thief

It will take your shiny shilling

seem to hear your self belief

will let you do a little dusting,

wash some clothes and shop,

you think you are adjusting

when fibro slams you to a stop.

You are wading through treacle

and swimming through tar,

cannot convince the people

that you came to far

Go to bed, tired as all hell

limbs refuse to co operate

set the alarm bell

and wait and wait for sleeping state

but fibro is sneaking

to mess up your resting brain

twisting not restoring

fibro wants you insane.

5 Replies

Oh dear I am sorry you are not feeling very good today :(


It's for me but also anyone else who realtes to this today!!!!!!!!! Just beginnig to get to full alertness. The afternoon always better. Just writing it out has been benificial.


you have described to a tee what fibro does to one - I feel exactly the same hun :-( xx


Funnily enough writing it down like that helps. Keeping a daily note of it all does too, as if getting it down on paper is like spitting it out, or giving it a shape which makes sense


Describes most of my mornings to a tee at the moment, hope you feel better soon x


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