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Just a hello, and an update

Just a hello, and an update

It's been a while since I actually posted/commented on here, although I have been passing through (when I get 5 minutes) to see how everyone is. Just really giving a quick update on how things are going here, and hopefully wafting a few positive vibes in the direction of those who need them.

The OH and I have been bobbing up and down to London for his specialist appointments, and - whilst it's not the nicest trip in the world - it's worth any hassle to know he's getting the best treatment and advice. We've been very worried for the last few weeks, as his recent endoscopy showed 50-100 rectal polyps (a great deal more than the 20 found on the last one), and we were expecting the specialist to say that he would need a permanent ileostomy this year. He hates the idea of a stoma, and I hate to see him in pain, so this was not something that we relished. But, they're going to try to systematically remove the polyps endoscopically, and review him in 9 months, so we're pushing forward with getting his house ready for sale, whilst we have a potential break from being out-of-action! A slight mishap with his car has put a dent in his finances (the cam belt went at 70mph on the M40, and I had to steer us out of the fast lane and to the hard shoulder before it lost all momentum!), as we've had to search for a new one, and the garage - my recommendation, as they've always been great with me - have been a bit of a pain in the back pocket, and not been able to provide a courtesy car, so his nibs has been staying at my house all work, working from there, with my Mum for company! Touch wood, though, they've not had any problems as yet! New car to be collected next Wednesday, all being well.

Dieting continues unabated. I've currently lost 2st 8lb since mid-January, and am only 6lb off my first target. I've set myself another 2st target after that, which should bring me to a 'healthy' weight. My Mum's being a bit funny about it at the minute - one minute she's very supportive, and the next, she's saying I 'go on about it all the time', and am trying to force her to lose weight. She is on the large side, and I do worry about that, but I try not to go on at her, because she's as stubborn as a mule (must be where I get it from!), and I know she'd only do the opposite! She suffers from depression, though, so I suspect that's creeping in there. I wish she'd see someone about it, but she has a thing about not taking tablets unless it's essential, and somehow never accepts that mental health issues can have just as much need for medication as physical ones.

I'm trying to get more exercise to help with the weight-loss, and my general fitness. It hurts (obviously, especially the weight-training to try to reduce the bingo wings and cribbage thighs), but I work on the basis that I'm unlikely to do myself any physical damage, so I have to fight it. I'm also trying out the 1500mg Glucosamine and 2500ug Vit B12 therapy (it's more B12 than advised by ... someone on here, can't remember who! ... but it was the only high dosage I could get, so I went for it), and it does seem to have made a difference, as I rarely have to take painkillers during the day, now, only in the evening or at night. I also seem to need less of the 'lunchtime naps' that I kept taking! Maybe it's a placebo effect, I don't know, but I'm prepared to stick with it.

Aside from that, work is ... well, work. I think that things are slowly changing for the better one day, and then the next I realise that all of the changes are superficial; well-intentioned, but with no chance of being implemented fully, because that would require an element of control that the big bosses (and the government *spits*) will not allow us to have. And so it goes on. The most recent departmental stress survey (one I conduct, using the HSE tool), shows us as being in the worst possible mental place in all areas of potential stress! Great stuff!

That's about it, I suppose. Take from that what you will, but - despite the obvious downs of recent months, and ongoing ones - I'm feeling reasonably positive at the moment, and would like to send out a bit of that positivity to everyone who is feeling low, stressed, tired, anxious, or just plain sore. Gentle hugs for you all!

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The caption under the picture reads: 'Your life is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds. If your life isn't awesome, you've been watering the weeds.' Although weeds are only wildflowers, so I say let's celebrate the weeds, too! xx


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