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This last few weeks have been hell

These last few weeks i have no end of pain, tiredness and feeling generally low, Then on Saturday morning i woke with a water infection :( yet again, only a month since the last one, went to see emergency doctor, on antibiotics again. Went to my GP today, who is going to do some tests to find out why, although he did say the problem would more than likely be to do with my duplex kidneys. I explained about all the pain and in particular the painful lump in my lower back at the right hand side of my spine. He examined me and has come to the conclusion that it is yet again the arthritis causing it. Haven't i got enough pain to contend with? at this rate i will be crippled before i am much older. Can't stand for long can;t sit for long periods. Due to physio on Friday for the frozen shoulder which again they say is aggravating the arthritis in my shoulder. Bloody hell i am a wreck :)

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I can empathise with you here re the fibro and arthritis.... If you get a good day with your fibro then your arthritis hurts and if we get a nice warm day and your arthritis seems ok your fibro plays up..... I have got to the point now when I only notice if i am not in pain .....

Though I am lucky as I am having my trigger point on Saturday and they do help with the shoulder and neck spasms which make the arthritis in my neck worse...

It is hard to be constantly in pain .. Especially when you get things wrong with you that we expect to get when we are much older.....

On the positive you seem to have a GP who does examine you and tell you what is wrong ... As does mine even though I would rather be told you are cured .... Not you are falling apart...

Good luck with physio on Friday...

Fingers crossed you can get your frozen shoulder and water infection cleared up then things will feel better.... Honestly :)

VG x


Hello Lindamorgan,

I had a spate of water infections at one point like yourself and at the time Interstitial Cystitis was mentioned. I wonder whether it may be worth mentioning to the GP & here is some information about it for your reference,

I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I wonder if you should consider speaking to the GP about this too. Have you ever been referred to a Pain Clinic at all?

I would like to provide you with a link to the website where we have factsheets you can print with information about medications used for Fibro. I wonder if you could speak to your GP about your pain management and whether changing medications may help.

If you need any other information please do not hesitate to ask and if I can help I certainly will

Emma :)


I get cystitis often and I have an antibiotic on repeat prescription now which enables me too nip the infection in the bud before it becomes unbearable I have suffered with it for several years now but thankfully I can control it before it takes hold and travels to my kidneys which it used to do before I had antibiotics at home on the ready! Good luck with getting adequate treatment hope you feel better soon xxx


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