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doctors no help!

Hi, everyone. just a few questions to ask you as this is all new to me. so still waiting to see a specialist and hopefully find out what is wrong with me. Yesterday i had hardly any pain so thought i would not take any pain killers except for my amitryptaline. got up this morning in agony and could barley get out of bed. do you think i should take pain killers anyway? i am so very tired today. not sure if its flared up again due to stress, my 17 year old daughter who lives with her dad in devon gave me big time grief on the phone last night. i have always suffered with allergies from being in the sun, awful red itchy spots wherever the sun has been able to get to lol. is this due to fibro? i have so may questions to ask but i just keep forgetting things. many thanks maria xxx

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Hi Mariamay,

Welcome to our forum - we are all sufferers here, so we understand how you feel!

When and how you take your pain killers is a matter of trial and error, and personally i don't take any if I'm pain free. I might suffer for it some hours later, but then I do take a dose, and rest for a bit, and soon feel OK. Others find that they need to take regular doses to manage their pain - so really, it will be up to your personal experience.

Stress will make fibro worse, but it's as inevitable as death and taxes, so maybe you could learn some relaxation techniques to help you be more laid back. If you are seeing a specialist, ask him to refer you for relaxation - it really does help, though you will almost certainly need medication as well.

Allergies are nothing to do with fibro, though inevitably a number of sufferers do have allergies as well. If you do go out on a hot day, even if you stay out of the sun, make sure that you drink plenty of water. Dehydration will make you feel considerably worse. In fact the symptoms of severe dehydration and fibro are remarkably similar, so don't let this happen, as it will double your trouble!

I hope this helps, please see our main site for further useful info:

Moffy x


Hi there, you will learn to manage your life though your lifestyle will probably change. I had several auto immune conditions before fibro and usually fibro starts after some kind of traumatic event (straw that breaks the camel's back)! I take pregabalin which is the best meds for me so far for pain relief. Does not control it completely but helps and I don't have to take so many pain killers. Planning your daily life is really important and having friends etc to talk to also important. Friends need to understand what has happened to you. Do go online, plenty of info and see if there is support group in your area. Good luck.


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