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Here in the Borders it has rained on and off all day since 5.00am I find it

t.oatly horrid I cannot go out as I have triple bandaging on my legs for lymphadema.

So the rain is pppppersistant wretched makes you ach more than normal but still apparently tomorrow will be fine - so lets all go on a fantasy picnic I will meet anyone who fancies on the dunes at Alnwick castle Northumberland I will bring scotch eggs and cream buns. Whos coming and dont forget the hot dogs! xgins Time 10.30am Sunday :)

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Hmm I don't have any hot dogs ... So I,ll bring my chocolate cake ... If there is any left.....

VG x


it s been a horrible day in north Northumberland so much rain my dogs refused to go out even in the garden and I hurt more than ever,looking forward to the rest of the week when its supposed to be fine. ill come with cheese rolls and caramel shortcake.


Brilliant I luv carmel shortcake my kids used to call it millionaires shortcake and its is. Right well who else is coming and what music shall we play?


I know a lovely Bowen lady in the borders. Bowen will help with your lympoedema. It's used in a cancer clinic in England by a lady called Elish Lund. She kept copious case studies. Look her up on you can see her results for yourself. The lady I know is called Mary and she has fibromyalgia.


Are scots allowed? I could bring haggis pakora?




that sounds amazing yes please now where shall we go? What does every one fancy by a lake ba river by the sea up a mountain ? Let me know or I will piick xgins