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Here in the Borders it has rained on and off all day since 5.00am I find it


t.oatly horrid I cannot go out as I have triple bandaging on my legs for lymphadema.

So the rain is pppppersistant wretched makes you ach more than normal but still apparently tomorrow will be fine - so lets all go on a fantasy picnic I will meet anyone who fancies on the dunes at Alnwick castle Northumberland I will bring scotch eggs and cream buns. Whos coming and dont forget the hot dogs! xgins Time 10.30am Sunday :)

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Hmm I don't have any hot dogs ... So I,ll bring my chocolate cake ... If there is any left.....

VG x

it s been a horrible day in north Northumberland so much rain my dogs refused to go out even in the garden and I hurt more than ever,looking forward to the rest of the week when its supposed to be fine. ill come with cheese rolls and caramel shortcake.

Ginsing in reply to anbuma

Brilliant I luv carmel shortcake my kids used to call it millionaires shortcake and its is. Right well who else is coming and what music shall we play?

I know a lovely Bowen lady in the borders. Bowen will help with your lympoedema. It's used in a cancer clinic in England by a lady called Elish Lund. She kept copious case studies. Look her up on you can see her results for yourself. The lady I know is called Mary and she has fibromyalgia.

Are scots allowed? I could bring haggis pakora?



that sounds amazing yes please now where shall we go? What does every one fancy by a lake ba river by the sea up a mountain ? Let me know or I will piick xgins