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Anybody had six month period of breast pain connected with Fibor?


This is for my cousin as she is a technophobel She has been told by her GP that she has fibro years ago. In the last six months she has experienced breast pain that keeps her awake at night. GP has instigated all the usual tests and it looks OK.

Just want to know if anybody has found a link with fibro

Thanks for your help on behalfof snailmail lizbeth

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Oh gosh yes I had a period of about 5 to 6 months of horrible pain In my left breast.... as there is a strong link in our family with breast cancer I had mammogram ultrasound. And a biopsy and I am fine ... No one knows what caused it and I woke up one day and it was gone .... That was sometime in October last year I have had the odd day when it Has come back since but very rarely ....Absolutely no idea if it was connected to fibro but it was most painful... I wonder if it was one of those unexplained possibly fibro pains...

Yours pondering

VG x

Concerned in reply to Hidden

Have you been checked for heart disease?

Iv had it to had tests nothing there thank god so it must have been the same thing just in one side like an aching and sharp pain x

I was told it is connected to Fibro as we have muscles everywhere and they are ALL affected, I also have my Lymph nodes swell up under my arm and the Doc says its all down to Fibro, I was quite worried when this happened u can guess what my first thought was, it often comes up and it hurts, but apparently its nothing seriouse to worry about, I tell you there isnt any part of our Fibro bodies that excape this condition is there, take care gentle hugs to you all ...Dee xx

This is one for me. Yes yes,, before I was diagnosed with fibro I was in doctors with breast pain. I even started getting pain right under my arm pits too. Then it would go into my bust sometimes more on one side than the other. The discomfort when trying to sleep was awful. It's stayed away now thank goodness for three months I had it on and off regular for 5 months I have to take off my bra as soon as I walk bk into the house. Invest in some of those sports bras Dnt wear underwired. It does help relief it well it worked for me. I rubbed in evening primrose oil organic from amazon I have to say it seemed to work . Warm baths on a night before bed and wack some oil on get it under your arms and if you can get it organic natural deodrant . I was so desperate I would of done anything to stop the discomfort . Soooo relived when it started to calm down. X

Fennel , chew it , get it from herbs of Glastonbury , follow the guidelines . It's a natural pain killer and works for arthritis too. I chewed it . I was desperate because as you can emagine I wasn't getting any sleep and working night too . I Dnt know if the fennel worked or whether it was the oil ,,as I didn't move much and slept on my side without moving my arm too much , it seemed to work. Allways read the guidelines even with something natural incase it interferes with any medication all ready that you taking. I started taking notes each evening on pain and meds too see what seemed to help most . I found warm bath and oil worked for me .

Thanks for all of this folks. I'll pass it on. She has been checked out by the breast and vascular clinics and they haven't found anything on either occassion. Particular scare as I am i remission from breast cancer! Her sister had something similar and was told it was mastitis.

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