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has anybody tried BrodTens for their pain you wear it on your wrist the reviews for it are really convincing but the price is quite a lot, can anybody who has tried this please let me know how you got on with it and did it honestly do you any good re: your pain. The website for anyone wanting to look is



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I had a look saw the price,,, then read the small print not suitable for heart problems pacemakers electrical implants ... Then I saw replacement bracelets replacement parts so I guess for 70 pounds they don't actually even last that long....

So I would only buy one if I had money to burn.... I don't .....and had chatted to my GP first .. He's very well informed on products for pain... .

Sorry to sound so negative but in 23 years I have tried meds, alternative therapy supplements diet changes and products for pain relief and if they had worked I wouldn't be on a fibro forum cos I wouldn't need to be

VG x


Don't waste your money on placebo's.... Spend it on on other feel-good things like a little treat for yourself or a friend.... Lasts much longer :-) xxx

Yeah - a good hairdo and a nice manicure is very good for filling you with endorphins, especially if you can persuade some pleasant man to take you out to flaunt your glamour :D I would spend my money on that!

I was once given a magnetic bracelet by a friend - I wore it because it was very pretty. It was an Ecoflow - very expensive, but didn't need replacements or anything.

Unfortunately the gold plating wore off, so I stopped wearing it. I think whilst I had it that I was marginally less stiff, but not enough to warrant the price if I'd had to buy it myself!

Moffy x


I have tried acupuncture which helped for a while but was extremely painful for me , I have to go see my consultant at the pain clinic next week to discuss the option of hypnotherapy , i think that this is my last option so where do i go from there if it doesn't help more meds , to block out the pain and ongoing constipation to boot, what a life

hugs Kira x

I must say when it comes to gadgets or things that were magically going to take my pain away,i spent a fortune,one was the tens bracelet type thing that did run on batteries,guess what? never worked,i have various "gadgets " in a drawer at home that I look at when I get a mad impulse to buy another healing gadget, I personally agree with others go and have a massage or something nice!!! if you do decide to try it ,it does let you send it back after so may days if it doesn't help but then I s'pose all you lose is postage and not the full amount, then again if twenty people do that it amounts to a fair lot of postage for nothing!!

It looks like a micro TENS, for me a normal TENs did nothing so I doubt that would help. I know some do get relief from using tens but the electrodes need to be placed where there problems are, it may be ok fir wrist problems then!

I'm with the post at the top, just spend your £££ if you have them in things that make you feel good..... That can have a good effect to ease pain too :) xx

Hi Julia, I find heat works well, ive just bought a heat pad this week, supposed to be especially for neck, my pain is worse neck, shoulders and trapezious muscles, so bought this thinking it would be ideal....complete waste of time as its uncomfortable to wear and dosnt fit snug, so ive spent most of the day with the hot water bottles again! don't think I will be wasting anymore money on gadgets for pain.....I am also lucky to have access to a hydro pool...which is heaven....but if you can manage to get in the bath a nice hot soak also helps me too, hope you find something that will help.

Tracey x x

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I have exactly the same problem as you Tracey I get trigger point injections but I found a hot pack the heat was good but it was too heavy on my shoulders so I use deep heat rosemary and vanilla neck and shoulder rescue cream... It smells nice and isn't as hot as normal deep heat but is nicely warming ... One application lasts up to 7 hours ..... I love it.. You can also get it in as a bath soak.... I haven't tried that but someone else on here has ... I am awful with names.... Blushes ...apologies to the lady who recommended it....


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