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What tests did you have before neing diagnosed?

Just wondering as, when I saw the reumatology doc. I was diagnosed with fibro just off whst I told him, he didn't do any of the pressure point test, or any tests to decide I didnt habe something different!

The reason for asking this is because none of the tablets I am taking seem to be working!

Currently taking pregabslin amongst a mixture of others!

My husband come home from work today and after reading an article in the sun he reckons b I have parkinsons!

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I was diagnosed by my GP 23 years ago ... I had every pressure point and chostochondritis .. I only got to see a rheumatologist 5 years ago when I developed osteo arthritis.. With fibro meds are trial and error so many don't work for me ... I now have a good combination and it makes a great difference. I Would advise going to your GP and tell them how you feel and the fact that the meds don't seem to be working ... A second opinion is always good and there are lots of meds that you can try if it is fibro ... It maybe just that the ones you have been prescribed dont suit you

Good luck VG x


Hi Tovi,

Before diagnosing fibromyalgia, it's important that other diseases are eliminated, and this doesn't seem to have been done for you.

It would be reasonable to ask your doctor to do some blood tests at least, in order to eliminate other possible conditions.

Make a list of your symptoms before you visit your GP, and take your husband with you to your appt - and make it clear that you would like some answers, and some decent pain relief!

Moffy x


Hello Tovi,

Can I please provide you with this link to the FibroAction website with information about 'how Fibro is diagnosed' which may be of help

I agree with volunteers, I would consider going back to the GP and asking for a second opinion

All the best



In my first apt with rheumy I had pressure point test and then thirteen different blood tests to rule out everything else. Since then my gp, who I am sure does not quite believe it is Fibro, has done tests for thyroid, diabetes, coeliac amonst others. I have also had lip biopsies for sjogrens and lichen planus and an endoscopy for h pylori.

Though I do have oral lichen planus and h pylori gut bug everything else came up clear. Since been back to rheumy to try and discuss different meds and pain management but all he did this time was poke the pressure points and say yes, it is as I thought, you have fibro. See your GP for meds.

I have to say that I saw the rheumy on the first place because the eye clininc consultant sent me and I saw the max fax doc for the mouth probs because the dentist sent me. Enlisting the help of these other people helped me bypass the gp altogether at that time.

You just have to be persistant and not let them make you feel like a nuisance.

If you have symptoms which you feel are not related to fibro then go back and ask to see another specialist.

Ladymoth os right about taking someone with you. With fibro fog it is difficult to remember what tosay and what they say to us. So another brain on the case is useful.


I can't remember what tests I had as it woad a few yrs ago now, but I know i certainly wouldn't take a diagnosis from a newspaper!

If you are concerned go back to your GP who will refer you wither back to the Rheumy if you are not still attending appts.. mine discharged me saying apart from pain clinic there wasn't anything he could do, he just said its a condition rather than an illness and it won't kill me lol

I think i was too shell shocked at his casual attitude to ask any questions and as id had all those pains for about 10-15 yrs previous, what difference did a word make to it…nothing. I had been trying to cope with the pain all that time and the meds he suggested i was already taking. had been to pain clinic previously… i had gone through the regime, just without the label that was all… i only went to see the Rheumy because i had problems with my hands and as no osteo-arthritis showed up, the only good thing i can say at least he did look at all my previous notes and realised i didn't just have pains in my hands!!

It may not kill me but I know sometimes I wish it would. I am trying to think more positive but its not easy

id def go back to your GP and tell him your concerns xx


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