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Flare continues, and sleeping for England!

Well, the flare is ongoing, pain is bad, not touched by medication. The Throwup was a 24hour thing, Seeing GP tomorrow, although not my regular one, Couldn't get an appointment within a month!

So stiff its gonna have to be the chair, but dunno how I will make it up for the bloodtests, got some outstanding, 'cos it's up steep ramps to Phlebotomy!

May is here, and all the plants (and weeds) seem to be making up for lost time, I can almost see the grass grow! Time to try to get in the garden, I have stuff to plant, (mostly windowsill salads), and it's time to dust the cobwebs off the cacti!

Been mulling over the coming Fibro Revolution, and wondering who I would nominate to be first against the wall, there's them, and him, and mustn't forget her and........

Cheers, Midori

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I'm so looking forward to the revolution! Can I add a number of people to the line up against the wall? Hope you feel brighter before too long. :)

Moffy x


Please feel free to add candidates for the Revolutionary Wall!


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