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Excruciating pain and almost total immobility finally forced me into the arms (pun very much intended) of a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. Five treatments (and £250) later and the pain has gone and I have regained my mobility. The cocktail of drugs that have been prescribed seem to have no effect but a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy have worked - literally - wonders. Had the exact same experience in Singapore three years ago at the suggestion of my neurologist. Why wasn't this treatment suggested by the GP or Professor of Rheumatology I consulted??

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I'm glad this treatment worked for you, Expat. The problem is that it wouldn't work for everyone. Most GPs and consultants work on the principle of 'best practice' which means that they recommend treatment which has been shown to benefit the greater number of patients.

A lot of people find acupuncture valuable, also physiotherapy, tho' there is not a lot of convincing evidence for chiropractic.

It's up to you - if you find a system which has improved your problems, and you can afford it, then that's great - but so far there has been no well-documented 'one-size-fits-all' treatment for fibro.

The day can't come too soon for this to happen!

Moffy x


Last Chirpractic treatment I had left me in pain for over two weeks. I guess it really is horses for courses and, as Moffy says, one size doesn't fit all.

It's great it has helped you though.


Glad you've found something that's worked for you.

I've had a few courses of acupuncture and that has been relatively successful though not long lasting. I've only been to a chiropractor a couple of times - was supposed to go for a course of treatment but I was left in a lot of pain & with horrendous headaches that lasted for several days.


I used to have Chiropractic regularly, There seem to be two schools, The European School of Chiropractic and Mc Timoney's.

I have been to both, and find the McTimoney's to be both gentler and more effective for me. I recommend it highly.

The only reason I don't still go is the cost, unfortunately, The NHS apparently won't fund Chiro, but will fund Osteopathy.


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