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I live in Twyford Berkshire , I have my DLA tribunal appeal on Friday the 24th May . I can not afford representation and would dearly like done in to attend with me that could understand and know what it means . I'm recently widowed 49 and new to Berkshire , I have had fibromyalgia for three years , and only diognoised in August last year .

No where else to turn

Thank u x

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  • Hello, oh I do wish I lived nearer to you.

    Try Social services they have helped me, I have a tel no. For NW Surrey 01276 800280 you could call them and ask for the no. For Berkshire, or call CItizens Advice.

    HG12 if ever you feel like a chat PM me, a problem shared as they say, I have lived in Surrey for many years never feel you have nowhere to turn

    Hugs, Pat

  • Thank u Pat , it's all just so hard loosing my husband no warning , my fibro , moving to new area , work being horrid and now being made redundant x

  • you are no longer alone, we are here to listen, understand and help if we can. I am sorry for your loss, 49 is too young to loe your husband and to have health & work issues too...

    I've found a link for you I had an advocate help me. let me know if this link works.


  • Thank u . The link dose not work xx

    He was only 51 and been in my life since I was ten years old x x

  • Ohhh HG. What a shock. That's awful. Grief comes with lots of symptoms of its own. Citizens advice should have people to help you. It might help you to know...I use a clinic in Reading and travel from Southampton for it.

    The Rosedale clinic. It does Google. I find them very helpful for the physical side of this xxx

  • Hello i am currently using they are in manchester.. Liam carter the senior manger they do everything for you including go to the appeal. They work on a no win no fee basis and should you win and get yr claim back dated they will take 30% . I am so so so impressed with him. Get in touch you have nothing to loose, tell them i sent recommended you. My name is samantha xxx good lluck

  • Sorry given you wrong address its you can apply on line dont waste a second please contact them. Xx

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