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Could you do a sponsored pyjamas day for FibroAction and the Fibro Awareness Day?

A brilliant idea being proposed by a few Facebook campaigners is to make May 12th a sponsored Pyjama Day to raise funds for Fibro and ME/CFS charities. So many people with Fibro or ME/CFS (which shares the awareness day) suffer from fatigue and mobility problems that a Pyjama Day seems particularly fitting!

Another fab thing about a sponsored Pyjama Day is that it requires little organisation other than setting up a fundraising page and getting people you know to donate!

If you're fundraising for FibroAction, we can send you out a fundraising pack with a t-shirt, flyers, sponsorship forms and details of online fundraising (we're currently registered with both JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving). Email us at with details.

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Great idea!!!

Fibro needs to have a light shone on it.

Hope it makes people aware of this dibilitating, complex and sometimes hugely

Misunderstood illness.

One hundred per cent all for it.

And what a quirky way to be doing it in pyjamas. Very apt methinks!!!


Jim Jams for a great cause. I'm going to a Fibro event in Glasgow with my husband.

Really looking forward to it. Love Julie XXX Wishing all a great Fibro Awareness Day. :-)


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