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A new chapter for FibroAction !

This year a new chapter has started for FibroAction. Ella Vine was recruited as first chief executive of the charity. Ella has experience in management and governance in various organisations including health & social care. An impressive history with a track record of successes in fundraising, commissioning and delivering high quality services.

Ella says: ‘I am really excited to join FibroAction at this important moment. I look forward to developing the organisation so that it will be a unified & is a strong voice nationally for people who are affected by fibromyalgia. There is a pressing need to put fibromyalgia on the health agenda to ensure that all people receive appropriate timely diagnosis.

There is still a lot to be done and it is a challenge, however this is also a window of opportunity to make sure that people affected by fibromyalgia receive the care and support they need. I will be working towards making this happen. We have already made progress and revised our aims and vision.

Our new vision is that the needs of people affected by Fibromyalgia are universally recognised & met, with fast and accurate diagnosis, including easy access to optimal treatments available to all people affected by Fibro in the UK. Our new core aim is now to move fibromyalgia to the top of the healthcare agenda in the UK’.

We also welcome Zahra Schneider who has joined FibroAction as a volunteer Information Manager and manages our production of evidence based information produced under the Information Standard guidelines. Zahra works with our dedicated team of volunteer Writers, Researchers, Reviewer’s of FibroAction’s Information Resources and the Professional Advisory Board.

I am looking forward to 2014 as I think it will be a very exciting year for FibroAction ! :)

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That's great news M, and I'm sure everyone here will welcome the new people helping to run this wonderful site :-)

Foggy x


It sounds 2014 will an exciting year, congrats to Ella and Zahra and to all those who help run the site and enable us to help ourselves and others.


We are all looking forward to meeting them as it were and the prospect of a year where fibro is brought further forward into the site line of the doctors physios specialists etc. We need to be heard. We all so need to learn to shout. Brilliant news looking forward to the coming year.



Yes it sounds,I've 2014 is going to be a good year for us all, looking forward to meeting them and welcoming them to our great site...and your right gins we do need to be heard instead of being shoved into the background as if we were invisible .....Dee x


That is good news. A big welcome to Ella &Zara, and welcome to Fibroaction. May you have a long and fruitful relationship with our site.



Thank You guys for the warm welcome.

It's great to have such great support from you, it means so much.

Hopefully the team will continue to grow from strength to strength, driving the charity forward to achieve our vision.

Let's pull together to beat Fibro !!


Welcome ladies!!! Hope you both know what you have let yourselves in for heh-heh!!! Best of luck and I hope you will grow with the team over the coming years.




Good news Emma.




Welcome Ella and Zara to this most welcoming, happy and helpful site!! XX


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