crunching, moving bones

i can feel every bone in my feet, ankles and knees when i move also the bones in my neck when i move my head i have been told i have osteoarthritis in my left thumb which i have a brace for. Could it be or sound like its in the rest of my joints my lower back locks when i lie down and cant bend forward for anything just wondering. Was at rheumy last month but not heard anything back yet, also my whole left kneecap moves and is very painful thanks x

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  • u sound like a candidate for glucosmine and chlonodrin natural supplements now I know I spelt those wrong sorry but they have been proven to help a great deal without side effects. x

  • Yes I have that I have osteo arthritis in my ankle knees thumb joints and neck ... Being allergic to anti inflammatories I did try glucosamine and chondroitin .. But they are labelled as a food supplement ... And basically that's all all it did for me .... I didnt notice any benefit but at least I didn't have any side effects ... Except for an emptier purse ... Try them by all means as long as you are not allergic to shellfish but keep an open mind and don't get too disappointed if they don't make a big impact

    VG x

  • Crunchy bones are a pretty strong, tho' not definite indicator of osteo-arthritis - or Sjogren's syndrome where there is not enough fluid lubricating the joints.

    Opinions differ on Glucosamine supplements, but the general feeling is that it's worth a try if you can tolerate and afford it.

    I have a had a small but definite benefit from cod liver oil, which is pretty cheap if you buy Boots or Superdrug 'own brands'

  • Sulks I can't take cod liver oil along with a great long list ... I want to swap my body .. I,ll keep my brain but everything else can be swapped male or female I don't care ... But my OH might

    VG x

  • Puts VG's name down for body transplant at Moffy's Super- Expensive Private Nursing Home.

    PS ... If you end up as a bloke, please bring OH along for a little ... adjustment! :D

    Moffy x

  • Have just tried him in long wig but he refused the make up..... I sense trouble ahead..... I shall get you to give him one of your looks :)

  • can i have a body transplant too!

    Along with creaking bones I have a metal hip thats creaking/crunching too! So theres no hope for me!!! i had it replaced when i was 41 you could say in radiological terms as osteoarthritis, but as its not out of socket, it would be daft putting me through revision surgery esp as my other hip needs replacing now and I can't cope mentally or physically with having that done, so I just have to put up with crunching metal! Actually I think its partly ceramic and thats most probably whats causing the feeling. All I can say its a very sickly feeling.

    Sooooooo can you put my name down for Moffy's Super- Expensive Private Nursing Home toooooo pleeeese. How old do you have to be to get in? :) :) xx

  • I want to go into the Body Shop and ask 'do you have this in a size 10??' I creak everywhere! Even my buttocks hurt!! I wore different shoes yesterday and today my calves and inner thighs hurt like hell!!! I'd like to book a room at Moffy's nursing home please, preferably a room overlooking the sea! I don't want much, but if it's super - expensive I hope we can choose our rooms!! XX

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