Oooops I did it again

The steroids started to kick in today so was feeling much better. But instead of resting & speeding my recovery along I pottered in the garden for two hours. Result now in bed & legs agony :( just taken my morphine, tramadol & oramorph so will hopefully sleep tonight. What a doughnut when will I ever learn? On the upside all of the pots round my patio look lovely & I've re-potted the hanging baskets :)

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  • Oh dear ....we never learn completely suzy, I know the feeling though. I pottered in the garden yesterday as it was so lovely but feel like death today. Enjoy your pots and hanging baskets because sometimes the pleasure is worth a little pain :)

  • Just think of your flowers - that will keep you cheerful, and I'm sure your legs will soon improve!

    I made the mistake of wearing some smart shoes today, and boy oh boy, am I paying for it now, so I'll think of flowers as well!


  • Let's all think of flowers :) I'm now curled up in bed enjoying the smell & feel of freshly laundered & dried outside bedding :) night all

  • Ooh I thought you had started a Britney Spears tribute act..... Ahh well enjoy your garden in a few weeks when the sun is shining and the hanging baskets are blooming ....

    VG x

  • We never learn, we all try to be normal, whatever normal is

  • Yep those hanging baskets best look good as I got out of bed this morning & fell over legs didn't want to work :( all ok now though

  • Even though your legs hurt and you fall over, don't the hanging baskets give you a sense of achievement. We can all sit all day and do nothing and control the aching, but we need to achieve. This stops you getting depressed and makes you feel much more cheerful. Well done. And you will have weeks of pleasure from the flowers

  • Yeah as I sat down & had a cup if tea this morning it did look lovely. I think I'll restrict today's activities to quilt making at my sewing machine though

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