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lost my job

hi all havent been on here for a while but here go's ive just lost my job i only worked 15 hours but it kept me going ive recently had to go on metformin for the diabetes ive been so good trying to diet & i did get the weight of while i was working but since ive been dieting with my hubby ive gained a hlf stone, ive applied for a dinner ladies job at the school where my grandchildren got to but thats only goin to be 7 1/2 hours a week but i feel that will be enough for my legs are starting to ache more & more my feet are realy bad too they burn like mad if i walk for any lengh of time just though iwould drop a blog as better keep my hands working too dont want to seize up altoghter thatas why i go out everyday , i went to go for the bus to go to work on monday too my memory is failing oh well i will keep my spirts up cause my kids wont let me mope about they'll always find me something to do which is a good thing some days but bad on others they still havent got to grips that i am 60 in two years fingers crossed i get the little job at the school as i dont like not doin anything at all i'd go mad .. so keep your fingers crossed for me ppl & i will update soon xx

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Hi Suwie

Hope things work out for you but remember if you don't manage your pain properly it will get worse even though you haven't broke your leg or sprained your ankle you'll still get muscle spasms and things as the pain is as real as if you did and the more stress the more pain so prioritise where you can and be kind to yourself, so take care and save that love for your family in a different way maybe. Fibro friend


Good luck getting the job you want. I agree it helps having something to keep busy but not so much that you can't manage the pain. Fingers crossed :-) xxx


Good luck for getting that job.

Gentle hugs


thanx i start it may the 7th its only cleaning offices but its a job although im not sure how it will be with the fibro as there are a few stairs but i got to try xxhugs back :)


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