Had scan today. Not the best news

Had scan to measure womb lining. Consultant said womb lining is good but my fibroid has grown since scan 2 weeks ago. It is now 6cm. He gave me option of freezing Ivf and have fibroid removed or continue Ivf and remove fibroid afterwards. If I continue Ivf the fibroid won't cause problem for Ivf it will just keep growing. If I have it removed them it might bleed meaning I would have to have a hystorectamy. So I said continue treatment. If embryo survive thawing we are looking at Monday for embryo transfer.

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  • Hi. That’s a nuisance for you, but please don’t think you will need a hysterectomy any time soon. Most fibroids are treatable, either with drugs or performing a myomectomy (removal of fibroid). An IVF cycle can be successful with or without a fibroid, so just keep positive. I really do hope all works out well for you. Kind regards Diane.

  • Thanks diane. They did say that due to size of fibroid it is a 50/50 chance tests why we decided to go ahead with Ivf first. It is hard to keep positive, I know I have to try, its just the waiting and not knowing. Monday will be when we know for sure so all fingers and toes crossed lol.

  • Hi P,

    I'm sorry things are not going so well for you. I will be thinking of you on Monday. Wishing you lots and lots of luck.

    Love N

  • Thank you noper. I am on pins now with all sorts of thoughts going through my head. What to do if it is a negative out come or how happy I would feel if embryo thaws ok. I'm driving myself mad with it lol. How are things going for you?

  • Hi, I'm 9 weeks pregnant now but struggling a bit with a urine infection, abdo pain antibiotics, so not great, but just hoping everything is okay. First midwife appointment (and next scan) should be in a couple of weeks, so am holding out for that.

    Let's hope your embryo thaws well. I know it's a v anxiety-provoking time for you and totally sympathise. I'm a little crazy myself at the moment too (as my husband will definately testify)! But good to hear about how you are doing, and keep us posted.

  • Hiya noper I am glad everything is going well for you :-) best thing you can do for water infection is drink plenty of water ( as much as you can physically take ) they say cranberry juice is good to. I can't stop thinking will it be positive or negative... couldn't sleep last night and been up since 7am so am tired now but I won't relax until phone call tomorrow lol.

  • Hope all goes well for you today. X

  • Thanks piperfan. I haven't slept all night constantly thinking about it. Got all Fingerscrossed.

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