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I and my husband will not be moving directly from egg collection to embryo transfer. In fact, after eggs collection, any suitable embryos will be put in deep freeze until I can get my intramural fibroid sorted. It just feels like we are doing this whole process and stopping at a crucial stage. My biggest fear is that none of any of the embryos will survive defrosting and I have gone through all the hassle of down regulating and stimulating for nothing.

We will be referred to a private fibriod specialist to do an MRI scan on the fibroid and make a 'professional' decision on whether or not the fibroid needs removing. The local NHS has dismissed me as not needing to have the fibroid removed, citing that, seeing as I'm am 44, I am only a few years off menopause, so they don't want to bother(there's that bottom line again)....DESPITE having the hormone levels of someone 10 years younger and more than enough follicles to produce 10+ eggs.....YET another reason why I am disgusted with my local NHS.

I am hugely frustrated and worried and stressed what the implications of success will be, with stopping and starting whole IVF process.

Anyone else had a break between egg collection and embryo transfer?

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  • I had all my eggs frozen due to OHSS. This is a very common procedure. Infact my clinic are running research for people to choose to freeze all as they believe the success rates are higher having an embryo transferred later once your body has gone back to normal.

    I had egg collection in May and had my egg transfer yesterday & our embryo survived the thaw 100%. I know it seems like a nightmare at the time but time soon passes and it'll be your turn for ET before you know it 💕

  • If it's alright to ask, can you describe the procedure for frozen embryo transfer?

  • I haven't had a break between EC and ET but I have had 4 embryos survive thawing for FET cycles so hopefully that gives you some re assurance regarding them thawing successfully x

  • Freezing all the embryos won't be a problem. I had my egg collection early July, all embryos were frozen and transfer in September due to feeling ill, likely OHSS and participating in the E-freeze trial ( a freeze all embryo trial run by my clinic). The embryo survived thaw 100%.

    p.s I also had fibroids before starting treatment but it was many, I had myomectomy to remove over 8 big ones, and endometrioma and it was a success. From experience, if the fibroid doesn't affect the endometrium, they won't mind going ahead with transfer.

    Good luck with your appointment.

  • Hi, thank you for letting me know about the fibroids, mine are intramural, what type of fibroids did you have? I am more nervous about surgery to remove the fibroids as my local NHS will not even look at me again, which means going private if the specialist consultant says that they need to come out. What was your recovery time from myomectomy to FET and what was/is the outcome? Sorry for all the questions?

  • I had the surgery done in 2015. I would be real with you, I don't mean to scare you anyway. I had a laparotomy (large incision surgery). I spent 10 days at the hospital, lost 2 litres of blood, had intra-mural, fundal and one other type I can't remember.

    I suffered so much from pain and very heavy bleeding before the surgery, I was almost always at the A&E unit every month when my cycle starts because of pain, vomit and co. It took a while before I was referred to gynae and even after referral to gynae, it took like 1.5 years before being attended too.

    Now the good story, I ended up with a super gynae who specialises in Fibroid treatment, did the surgery and according to her "all my internal organs were stuck together cos of endometeriosis" that's aside fibroid. So fibroids were removed, removed endo as much as they deemed fit (so I still have kissing ovaries and endometrioma).

    Recovery, I recovered well, I went back to work after 4 weeks. Though my blood level didn't catch up on time, infact I had to stop going for blood tests to measure the levels as I was tired of being pricked and result saying its not yet there. Based on all these findings we got referred straight to fertility clinic cos we had been trying before surgery and here we are in 2017, started fertility treatment in June 2017.

    I am currently in the 2www period, but my womb is fine and I can say I recovered very well.

  • Thank younfor being honest with me as we are going to freeze eggs and then get the 2 x intramural fibroids sorted. I do seriously hope that you get the bfp that you so deserve. Wishing you every good wish, please do let me and others know. You are an inspiration to me. Well done 😉

  • You are welcome. Thanks for the wishes. Yes sure I will update you all. Everyone on the group has been a great source of inspiration to me too. And will like to encourage those I can.

  • I had a really long break in between my Egg collection was in April and FET only in September (6.09.17)

    They collected 11 and manage to freeze 2 embryos.

    It's hire chance to success if you do FET

  • Sorry I can't offer any words of advice but just wanted to say I'm wishing you well 🍀 Xx

  • Thank you Lou9, it means a lot from everyone

  • Sorry I am just seeing your post. Yes I have done exactly that in one cycle and cycles before that I wish I had as the fresh cycle failed mainly due to I think my fabriods. Freezing is perfectly safe and we have just used frozen embryos of about 6 years old!!!! So great choice! Get those eggs out so at least the egg quality is still good with your age, then fix yourself completely by ridding the fabriods and give your embies a clean healthy environment to grow! I think you are on the right path. Well done and keep it up!

  • To add I did my myomectomy in December 2016 and my fet transfer was 31st July 2017. I am 9 weeks plus pregnant and all looking good!

  • Thanks Nkoko, You and others have managed to reassure me once more that my o/h and I are on the right path. Freezing embryos seems to be the right thing to do, so we can concentrate on getting on with removing the fibroid. So, so frustrating that the NHS see me as too old to bother with despite evidence to the contrary!

  • Do not talk to me about NHS....but I am happy you are going private. Fingers crossed and all will go as planned.

  • If your experience is as bad as mine was....we share common frustration!!

  • Hi, Yammie!

    Sending all good vibes your way!


  • Thanks

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