Scan today..fet confirmed for Tuesday

Hi everyone

I've had a scan today to check my womb lining and the sonographer said it was 'good and thick' so all being well (if the thaw process is successful πŸ™πŸ») the transfer of our one little frostie will take place on Tuesday. So one more hurdle to get over till the 2ww begins.

I'm feeling mixed emotions as many of you will understand, excited and keen to get our only little embie out of that freezer and nice and snuggly inside me, but still anxious about the thawing and kinda holding my breath till the phone call that morning.

A roller coaster once more! Lots of luck to everyone else whatever stage you're at ❀️

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  • Eeek how exciting lovely! So pleased things are progressing for you but completely understand it is also a nerve-wracking time. Wishing you all the luck and baby dust in the world. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• You so deserve to get your BFP xxx

  • Aww thanks huni that's so lovely of you. You've been there a few times so you know exactly what it's like but I'm staying positive, it's coming easier to me than last time for some reason, I don't know why but I'm not knocking it! Hope you're doing well too 😘 Xx

  • You were the first lady I started messaging on here and I remember going through the 1st cycle and you were slightly ahead and when you got your BFN I was so upset for you.. probably strangely more upset than when I got my 1st BFN! Stay positive and keep that lovely attitude... I know everyone is different but it did help me to be less strict with myself this time (even had a sneaky small glass of red or two) before stims! I'm so pleased this time is feeling easier for you. Roll on Tuesday! 😊😊😊 xxx

  • Aww thanks Hun 😘 I haven't had any alcohol but I have had decaf coffee rather than having nothing at all, and some cake sometimes if I fancy it! I've definitely felt more relaxed (well, till now anyway!) and positive this time so I'm hoping that can only be a good thing. It's been lovely being in touch with you and I've been so pleased for your fantastic news xxx

  • Thankyou lovely. My fingers and toes are crossed for you πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Hi Georgina - that's great news, I hope your little frostie thaws out just nicely for you and you get the go ahead in the morning. Lots and lots of luck with the transfer x x x

  • Thanks so much mommabear 😘 I've seen its been a difficult day for you, really hope you're ok. Big hugs xxx

  • Hey Georgina that's great news that ur ready for transfer! Yay!! Totally understand ur anxiety about thawing as the disappointment is just so hard to take. I will be thinking of u so please let us no how u get on. Thanks for sharing ur time line schedule as well, it will help me know for my next attempt what to expect if the scan shows I'm ready this time. Last time we had to abandon as the meds didn't work due to my stuffy nose not absorbing the Suprecur!

    Keeping positive thoughts for u! X

  • Thanks so much Nat6, I will definitely update. You're more than welcome about the timeline, I'm glad it helped you. So sorry about your last attempt, really hope you'll be ready to start again asap. Is there a reason you couldn't have injections instead or is it just the clinics preference?

    Thanks for your reply & wishes xxx

  • Hi Georgina

    That's great news πŸ˜„

    Totally get the holding your breath until thaw day, it's nerve wracking isn't it. But just think by next week you could have little Frostie back where they belong πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    I'm in for my first day 8 scan today so hopefully lining is starting to thicken.

    Keep us posted and I'm holding my breath and keeping everything crossed for Tuesday xx

    Holly x

  • Thanks so much a Holly, I really appreciate your message and kind words. It definitely is nerve racking and I just feel really strongly that like you say I just want it where it belongs, I feel really protective of it, probably because it's there on its own! ❀️

    Lots of luck for your scan today too, let's keep each other posted πŸ™πŸ» xxx

  • Hi Georgina

    I will let you know how I get on today :)

    How many days have you been on the oestrogen tablets and how old is your embie?

    I only ask as our unit haven't given me a provisional day for our FET but they have said that I will be on the tablets for 17 - 21 days and that ET will be 17 - 21 days from the day that you start tablets. So I have worked it out as 17 days is a 2 day old embryo, 18 days a 3 day on so on!!! - I am going to ask them today but if you can let me know at least I have an idea of time frames (OH has got to work so needing to give him some sort of an idea of days so he can book them off if needed!)

    I feel completely protective of our little one too - I am just hoping, like you, that the little one thaws ok :)

    Holly xx

  • No worries Hun, I started the HRT tablets on 20th July and my embie was frozen at 5 days (is that what you mean?) I have my last buserelin injection today then I start taking the pesseries tonight and continue the tablets.

    Not sure what happens beyond Tuesday but I think we continue to take the HRT and definitely pesseries.

    I think my transfer date was also booked in based on when the clinic can fit frozen ones in, because of course the fresh ones are prioritised as the timelines can't budge! Let's hope theses are our ones πŸ™πŸ» xxx

  • Thank you that's great info. Just home from the clinic my lining is 8.6mm so up tablets to 4 a day and back in Monday to check it again.

    I asked her and she said the same as you... It will be Leeds who tell me when transfer will be but should know more by the end of next week.

    Ohh a 5 day blast too, we are very similar πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Lots of luck for Tuesday and keep me posted xxx

  • Aw our little 5 day frosties ❀️ Hope the weekend goes really fast and everything is looking good at the scan on Monday. I know things like lining can change a lot in a matter of days so lots of luck xxxx

  • Thanks Georgina

    I hope it flies for you too

    Keep me posted on how you get on xx

  • Definitely xx

  • Hi Georgina .

    I wish you lots of luck with your embie and hope it stays nice and safe and snuggley for you too . You have a great attitude and that will keep you going over the 2 WW . I had one embryo put in last Thursday and I'm also keeping as hopeful as I can . I found keeping busy has really helped .

    I know how your feeling and wish you lots of luck xxx

  • Thanks so much Leah, it's hard isn't it but I'm definitely feeling more excited this time. I'll be honest I do worry that I'm being naive as I know what it's like when it fails but positive thinking can't harm I guess. I'm also keeping busy with light/stress free activities so hopefully that will help.

    How long is your '2ww' I know it's not always exactly 2 weeks! Lots of luck to you too xxx

  • Awwww bless you Georgina and good luck today . It was nice to see your post this morning as I could relate to how your feeling . My sonographer had said the same about a thick lining . We are having IVF with a donor egg . I egg managed to fertilise and split nicely out of the 8 collected . That makes me hopeful . It's so hard the wait though as I keep symptom spotting .

    Egg transfer was a 3 day transfer , last Thursday and we test this coming Monday !!!! I think the wait is what is hard and the drugs and probably my head are stopping me sleeping ....

    Keeping everything crossed for you and let that embie snuggle in nice and tight ....

    I'll let you know how things go .... Good luck again xxx

  • Oh so much luck to you Leah, Monday probably feels like weeks away but everything crossed for you. Definitely keep us posted πŸ™πŸ» I hope my wait isn't a full 2 wks too, are you NHS or private? I only ask as I've seen a few posts where the NHS clinics are a longer wait 😩

    So exciting and scary isn't it! Xx

  • My clinic said that 98% defrost and we only had one little embie too. My 2WW was only 10 days (it can be earlier than 14 days with a blastocyst) but I tested on day 9 due to the weather! Good luck. x

  • Thanks for the (very positive!) info Hun, I really hope my wait is 10 days too! Xx

  • Best of luck Geogina. We've been waiting awhile to start but as you know we've had loads of teas after tests done and now we are seeing out consultant mid Aug to discuss best testament.

    Weve been told treatment could start in November, so a few more months to go. What Tranent wer you recommended to have?

  • Thank you sanj76, lots of luck for your consultant appointment, write questions down as soon as they come to you as I find you often forget things once you're in the appointment! I can't advise as I'm no expert and it's very personal but your consultant will certainly give you all your options, then you and your partner can have an in depth discussion on what's best for you. So much luck to you xx

  • We wer fully prepared with all sorts of questions fur him Bhutto it felt skit if them wer A relevant as my results wer good enough to proceed with IVF. Me and the wife are going through this process fur the very first time but the consultant assured us that we should not worry at the stage, so we'll prepare questions again. We been to the open evening so they can explain the process.

  • I can understand your emotions, my daughter is waiting for result soon, I wish you all the luck in the world xx

  • Thank you Evie1. Best of luck for your daughter too xxx

  • Good luck Georgina! Keeping everything crossed for you x

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