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Drs don't understand

Hello all, like many women I suffer quite badly from PCOS, I was under a gynaecologist at 17 who told me to stop wasting her time and she looked down her nose at me due to my age, a different one at 19 who told me my PCOS is all my fault and there was nothing he could do, neither of these specialist understood how I felt and the problems I was having especially mentally, I didn't feel like a female because my body doesn't work the way we are all told in sex ed, I'm now under a different doctor and he has been fab, he listened, understood and helped me and I'm still receiving help now in the form of clomid because me and my husband have been trying since we lost a baby 4 years ago, we are keeping our fingers crossed! Has anyone else had issues with doctors/specialists?? X

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hi. i have had similiar trouble with doctors aswell. i've been going back and forth for years but they didnt want to know. they made me feel as if i was wasting their time because i already have a 12 yr old daughter. in october lst yr, after 12 yrs of trying i found out i was pregnant. it was short lived as it was ectopic. we were devastated. i got a appointment this morning with gyne & i think i have endo. its terrible to have to go through heartache to finally see a specailist.. i just wanna say, good luck & i hope u have your wish very soon


Hiya I have had problems since my periods started, I kept having uta's as a child, my periods were very late starting and extremely painful. I had a bad infection when I was 20 which made me miss a period, then when my gp went to do a smear test it was too painful so she referred me to gynea where I was told I won't need a smear until I am 50! I told my gp who was very annoyed. When I was 25 I was referred to dermatology bcos I still had bad acne, he discovered I had pco's so he referred me to gynea again. The gynea wouldn't confirm pco's bcos although scans showed pco's every time they said my bloods didn't indicate pco's. 2008 I had round 1 Ivf where they said bloods and scans confirm pco's and fibroids. I had hyperstimulation at end stages of Ivf and I must say the staff at Ivf Wales were brilliant. They referred me to gynea for fibroids. I had 1 fibroid removed 2009 and other fibroid left in womb. I was under care of another gynea 2011-2012 who tried me on chlomid which didn't work. Laparoscopy showed 2 more fibroids and pco's. He referred me back to Ivf Wales for round 2. They all kept telling me fibroids don't hurt bit they do, they cause a lot of discomfort. I can't have smears done at gp, I have to be sedated as it is too painful and nobody can tell me why.


Hi. So pleased to hear that you have finally found a doctor who has taken the time to listen to you and prescribe the treatment he/she feels is appropriate for you. I really do hope that the Clomid works for you. The drug has been around for many years and is often successful. I wish you both well with the outcome. Regards Diane


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