Loosing faith :(

We went to sign all our paper work on Monday after been told that we would be starting IVF in January to be told at the sign up meeting that they wouldn't be able to give us a date because they weren't sure about numbers ect they were having a meeting Wednesday and they would ring us Thursday to let us know id it would infact be january. Today they have phoned me and said that my throixine levels are high from my JULY test results. I've been treated for under active thyroid since I was 18.

The doctors at my clinic have never looked into my thyroid levels and in great detail I've had 2 consultations with 2 different consultants and 1 with a nurse since July and non of them have picked up on the results till today I'm so fed up we are supposed to put our faith in the clinics and feel like we have been so messed about πŸ˜• . I know that it's important in fertility and the thyroxine effects things in fertility but why has this taken so long to be picked up 😒 and how long is this going to delay things. I'm now booked in for a bloody test tomorrow and see wherelated we go from there .

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  • Hi crazy cat, hope you're feeling ok after that news. I can't believe it was missed for you after all this time! I am also hypo but I go regularly to my GP for testing and she varies my prescription as necessary. The fertility clinic was aware of my levels but they were not the ones controlling it for me.

    It is so important for fertility - you may even find that you become pregnant naturally once it's at the right level! This was the first step for me in this journey and once my thyroid levels were as they should be, I actually did get pregnant really easily within a couple of months. Unfortunately I had other problems that meant the pregnancies ended in mc but I do credit the corrected thyroid levels with my natural pregnancies.

    It could take a little while for them to get the dosage right for you, so you may or may not be ready in January. I would think they will have you back in for another blood test in a month or so to recheck levels. But maybe when they test you tomorrow, all will be fine, you never know! Just beware that when you do get that bfp, you will have to stay on top of your thyroid medication and get tested again. Pregnancy can affect your levels and your medication may need adjusting again.

    It's frustrating when the treatment is delayed and it's beyond your control but hopefully your results from tomorrow's blood test will be normal. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that this is the case. x

  • Hi thank you for your response I've been monitored for years by gp and they've often said results are slightly high but because I said I felt fine they've left me on the level I've had. I've explained this at the clinic and they've never really said anything about it so I assumed after been tested at clinic it was OK till now. I only have 1 fallopian tube as well so my chances of falling pregnant naturally are less as I had so much scar tissue.

    My biggest fear is that it delays everything by months if it's wrong levels as we've now been in this process a year and trying naturally for 18 months before that πŸ˜• but I also know your right that I need to get levels right to get a fighting chance but I feel so let down at the moment.

    Good luck with your treatment and sending you baby dust x

  • I'm not sure how sensitive these tests are - mine was borderline but my GP interpreted it as being hypo so I've been on medication ever since. I remember her saying something about the test method not being entirely reliable. For me it did a take a little while to get it right, it was trial and error at the start. But at least you have a medical history so that might make it easier for them to get the dose right first time.

    It's such a long wait for everything in this process, at least we'll be very patient ladies by the end of it!

  • I've never been good at been patient lol I will have to learn 😊.

    I have heard ages ago treatment of throixine is hit and miss depending on gp's take on what they should treat x

  • Hi, My husband and I started down the route of needing ICSI in May 2012. I eventually started my first cycle in January this year. In between that time, we saw various Doctors and a Professor, had numerous blood tests, scans, x rays etc..., but no one ever said anything about my thyroid levels. Our first cycle failed when my three eggs all degenerated during the ICSI procedure. Afterwards, we saw another Dr at the clinic who suggested that my thyroid levels were tested. They came back as a bit too high for fertility treatment, so I started on medication. Within 6 weeks my levels were to a satisfactory level for starting another cycle. Regarding levels, it appears what is "normal" for most people is too high for us requiring fertility treatment. Once my treatment is finished, even if my levels are slightly high (3.5 or above), my GP will not issue a prescription as not considered high enough for "normal". ...hope this makes sense? Basically, I'm trying to say that what GP's consider a "normal" level is not the same as what fertility clinics consider "normal"! πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks sweetpea76. I think this thyroid stuff is all too complicated. I do realise how important it is and hopefully in the long run if there is a delay it will pay off. Just feel it's been swept under the carpet a bit with me but I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last..

    Wishing u food luck in your journey and sending you baby dust xx

  • Hi, so sorry to hear that. Are they able to give you something for that during the IVF? Also the saying "she who shouts loudest gets heard" is true. You have to make them aware you need consistency because stress does not help when going through this and there job is to also reduce your stress by informing you correctly. You will get there x

  • Hi kelly-03 it is easily treatable with throixine which I already take now it just can be time consuming trying to get levels right if they can't get levels right they can give you steroids through ivf process which she did mention when I pressed her on the matter this afternoon.

    Belive me I have showed my frustration with this and other matters but don't want to push too far as feel like they have all the power plus my husband is totally against shouting too loud πŸ˜•which is very frustrating to me at times. He has agreed that we will tell them how dissatisfied we feel about this so that's one good thing I suppose .

    Good luck on your journey x x

  • That's frustrating crazy cat especially when you are all set to go! Fingers crossed the test results are ok and it doesn't delay things. If it does, I know it will be hugely disappointing but you do want to give yourself the best chance of success so the wait will be worth it.

    Take care x

  • Thank you hopeful1982 I know your right 😊 and it's not like they can't sort it out.

    Good luck in your journey and sending u baby dust x

  • No I don't mind you asking but I'm afraid I have no idea my gp has always kept it top secret and I didn't ask nurce on phone as I was in so much shock I will askeep when they ring back with results next week 😊

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