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Good so far

Had my 6 week scan today after FET, everything is okay so far, heartbeat and size of embryo all good, now discharged back to GP. V excited and relieved, but also aware of how fragile this whole process can be, and that it's still early days.

Am thinking about everyone who has posted on this forum - including the people who have been through such hard times, and the people who have been so sweetly supportive to me, in the midst of their own difficult stuff. Amazing and touching to realise that there are so many lovely people out there. Thank you so much.

Continuing to think about everyone, whatever happens for all of us. Love N.

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Noper thats fab news. Im really pleased for you. Our next try will be fet so gives

me hope that it could work for us fingers crossed ,


Noper, great news for you, Stay Strong, and good luck xx


Hiya noper. I am so happy for you. You can start relaxing now and enjoy pregnancy. Keeps us posted. It is nice to hear positive outcome :-)


Congratulations Noper, am really happy for u... Ur success gives me hope as I will be going for my FET soon. Tk cre, xxx


Hi Noper. Can I add my congratulations to you both? Such good news to hear of a successful FET. Good too, to hear that your 6/40wks scan was all in order. Hopefully, you will now have been allocated to your midwife, who will care for you now. All the best for your ongoing pregnancy Noper, and I’m sure you will continue to support others through their journeys on this site. Kind regards Diane


Thanks Diane, your replies have always been very helpful and supportive. Yes, I will try to stick around to offer thoughts to other people, where I can.


Hi Noper

So pleased for you!

It's such a comfort when you get the scan and everything's looking ok, no-one told me the sleepless nights started this early... :P

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I get my scan next week.




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