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Request for help with Infertility Feature

We have received the following request to take part in a feature on dealing with infertility which will help raise awareness of the difficult issues encountered when friends become pregnant - something most of us have experienced.

I am looking for a young woman between the ages 25-35 who would be willing to talk through her feelings about not being able to become pregnant with a close friend who is either pregnant herself, or who has recently given birth.

The idea for this feature is to show through their conversation how the two friends address this issue, confronting any inevitable jealousy honestly but still being able to maintain their close relationship through it.

We would need both women to be willing to ID'd and to take part in a photo shoot. The deadline is the second week of December but I would ask anyone interested to get in touch as soon as possible and no later than by Nov 24th

With many thanks

Clare Maria Campbell


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