Baby Makers - BBC 4 programme

This is I think still available on i-player, a documentary from BBC4 called Baby Makers; the fertility clinic, showing life at the Hewitt centre in Liverpool.

I took 3 things from watching this:

- how hard it is to live with infertility and the lengths we go to overcome this. That my reactions are normal

- that it is not unexpected not to get the outcome we all so desire, and that isn't abnormal

- that this is a fairly good tool to explain to others what we are going through.

FG x

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  • I initially decided not to watch this programme- then tuned in - then turned over -then turned back! It was painful for me as I had 2 failed ICSI attempts at the Liverpool Women's last year. I did, however, not hate myself as much after watching - only one of the couples was successful. I kept blaming myself and was full of 'what ifs'. A work colleague who also watched couldn't believe what was involved in the whole procedure and said I had been very brave for putting myself through it all. So many people see IVF as the answer but this programme showed very different outcomes for the couples involved.

  • Hi Flowergirl, I would love to have seen the programme but didn't realise it was on. Just Checked the BBC player and its not available. When was it in? There probably is no other way to see the programme? Thanks.

  • Fitzmsa ,, see my posting as its on youtube

  • 7th Jan, oh, that's really annoying, can't think of another way, I did when checking out the BBC website find some clips linked to couples in Northern Ireland, but haven't checked that out.

    The other think I listen to all the time is the Bitter Infertiles podcast - if you google that I'm sure you'll find them. I find listening makes me think about how I react to various things, and what my response is, so some good free therapy.

    FG x

  • KatieJane, thanks for your comments, not sure how I would have felt if it had been my clinic involved, actually knowing some of the people, but you seem to have taken away some of the same thoughts I have. I think because I was watching my reaction as well as the programme, it was good to learn from, and I agree, if i had known the content, I would have recommendedthose who are supporting us to watch.

    FG x

  • Thanks a million FG xxx

  • No worries, gutted I didn't post earlier, but it took a while to get the courage to watch, and then I really got a lot out of it...

  • Youll be glad to know it can be found on youtube

  • Thanks Dave a million & you too FG xxxx

  • nice!

  • Hi FG & Dave. Watched the show last night. We are in the middle of our first IVF cycle and I def found this programme interesting, but it was obviously heart breaking to see the 3 failures. It really shows how important and vital the staff in the lab are to our lives!!! We are so glad we got to see this programme.Thanks for all your help. Xxx

  • hi i have tried to find baby makers but cant seem to find it.. do you know a link .. cheers

  • I am going to try and watch this over the weekend then.

  • I cant seem to find it online... anyone able to help?

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