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We are looking to start our 3rd cycle of ICSI and we want to have an IVF refund package through Access Fertility as our clinic offers this. My concern is whether we would meet the criteria to access this. We are regretting not taking up this package in the first place but naively thought we would have success first time around or at least have embryos left in our first cycle. However when we mentioned to our consultant about going through Access Fertility I didn’t get the impression we would be eligible, not that he said anything but I felt he was doubtful. I would feel better if we could sign up to a 2 or 3 cycle deal as it would mean we are signed up to future cycles if we are unsuccessful again. I think DH would say not to continue if the 3rd cycle also failed, so he won’t agree to fund a 4th.

My question is whether anyone has had any experience with Access Fertility? And what is their criterion? We are now looking to do our 3rd cycle of ICSI which I wonder if this would hinder our eligibility. Also my BMI is over 35 which I wonder if this would also affect our eligibility.

Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi there, we've just been accepted by access fertility after our first failed round. we were really unsure if we would be accepted too, but the process is straight forward.

    As we were going to a new clinic (I didn't feel confident in going back to where we had our first round), we had to pay £300 for our inital consultation. We would of have to pay this anyway - if we wanted access program or if paying directly to the clinic.

    This consultation included all the normal tests we've had before (bloods, scans, semen analysis), he then filled out a form to access and heard back after a few weeks to say accepted and which refund program would we like to be on.

    Very simple and nothing to loose. My understanding is that if your not accepted to the refund program you can use their discounted multi cycle instead.

    Ours is for ICSI also, my first standard IVF failed with no embryos viable for freezing.

    Hope that helps, and good luck.

  • Thank you LillieF for sharing your experience :-) I think I will have to just call them and go from there. A discounted multi cycle would also be good anything to try and save a bit of money incase more treatment is needed. It would also be good to get my bloods done again as the clinic only rechecked a few when I joined 2 years ago and accepted other results from a previous clinic we had our first consultation at just over a year before. Good luck with your treatment :-)

  • We are looking at ivf refund packages with both access and assured fertility. We are very keen to hear from people who have used them. Our concern is they may have conditions such as both have to be non smoker and if they then find out if one or both people smoked a cigarette they may refuse to give back the refund.

    Any comments please thank you

  • Have a look on their website. They also have a phone number x

  • Hi lovely. We did multi cycle plan rather than refund. I think the criteria is pretty open after all they will want your money. We couldn't afford the upfront cost of the refun programme but found the multi cycle package a good deal and it includes absolutely everything apart from meds so completely worry free about additional costs. So it was a 2 cycle multiplan with icsi for us. We were quickly accepted over the phone really easy process and payment can be split over different cards xx

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