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I have not posted on here for a while although try to respond to peoples queries whenever I can.

I was wondering if there are any of you lovely ladies considering or currently going through a donor egg programme and would be maybe happy to communicate, share experiences etc.

Some background. After 6 failed attempts at ICSI we felt that the only options available for us was to stop and move on with accepting we will not have any children or to consider the donor egg route.

The private clinic we have been working with since returning to the UK run a donor egg programme in the UK (long waiting list) and also work with a clinic abroad (short to no waiting lists).

Anyway I just wanted to know if there are other ladies going through the same thing and would maybe like to chat etc.

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  • Me!!! on NHS waiting list at the BCRM in Bristol been waiting for year now and nothing still not near the top of list either! So.... going abroad to Cyprus fly next week eeeek!!!! x happy to chat x

  • I have just pinged you a personal message so I hope it comes through ok.

  • We used DE egg sharing scheme at a private clinic in the UK for round 3 of ICSI. Sadly it resulted in another BFN. But DE have worked for others.

    Have you looked at the Donor Conception website? It answered a lot of my concerns, especially about bonding with baby/babies. We had to have an implications counselling session before being accepted. Basically checking how we'd explain DE to baby/child.

    Feel free to PM if it would help.

  • We are trying to get our heads round it at the moment.struggling with the decision.also here or abroad!!? Happy to chat x

  • It is a tough one isn't it. PM if you want to have a rant or a chat. Once the roller coaster starts it really gets going quickly. Let me know how you are doing with your deliberations

  • Hi DC13. You might also like to get in touch with lots of info on using donor eggs and sperm. Good luck with whatever you do decide. Diane

  • We are currently going through egg donation abroad. So far it's been a really straight forward experience with tests and egg donor matching. No waiting list and they found me a donor within a few days, even managed to match my hobbies as well as physical characteristics and blood type. The success rates published are around 69% fresh or frozen. Happy to chat more if you want

    Mhairi x

  • Hi, I'd be interested in knowing more if you don't mind Mhairi. I've been on a waiting list for an egg donor in the UK (private clinic) for 7 months and nothing. I don't know how to PM, but if you could please let me know where and a few details I would greatly appreciate it. I'm really losing hope. x

  • Hi, really sorry I didn't see your message before now. The clinic we are going to is called New Life and is in Thessaloniki in Greece. We didn't approach them directly, our UK consultant put us in touch with a company called IVF treatment abroad and they then gave us details of several clinics they work closely with in both Spain and Greece for us to review. they provided background info on each clinic and the practitioners plus pricing, success rates etc. Our cost for donor IVF is 5500 euros plus tests they needed and then a few meds for me, a blood test and 2 scans. We were able to use existing tests less than 12 months old which we'd had for a previous UK attempt with my eggs, so that saved a few hundred pounds. They use donors under age 30, which is part of the reason for the higher success rate than the U.K and there is no legal obligation to tell any resulting child that they came from a donor egg, which is apparently a big reason for there being no editing list. My husband is flying out this Friday to give his sample which means we don't have to be there for the day of egg collection and we just fly out for 4 days to give a decent window for the ET, which saves a lot of money, otherwise we'd need to be there for 10 days all in. We all then fly out the week of half term for the main event. It's getting quite close now. Is that the kind of info you're after? Happy to speak more. X

  • I've recently gone through treatment using donor eggs and have ended up complaining about it! I was really positive about it all as there is mean't to be a much higher chance of it working (65%) but in the end I didn't have particularly good embryos so it didn't work.

    However you might be lucky.

    I would say to just be aware of that as I wasn't - that's why I've complained.

    Good luck x

  • Hi, dear! I shared my story on another thread also.

    I had been in the same boat before. 3 years ago I was diagnosed on grade 4 endo. 2 years TTC didn't bring us success. Besides dh has low count and motility of sperm. Well, we did make some silly decisions and tried 1 round IUI and ICSI. But these procedures turned to be helpless for us. I was bothered much with the pain you know. Felt it constantly also painful intercourse. We got to know about our clinic on International patient coordinator. They offered free consultations so we made them a go. This way we travelled to Ukraine where passed our ivf with donor eggs. Our 1st shot was no luck. And our doc insisted on the surgery. Besides she changed some of the protocol issues. I'd say surgery helped me much to get rid of that horrible pain I was feeling before, but for getting pregnant we needed two more shots. We are parents now and this all seems to be the thing from the past but we will come back there again definitely as we want more children. So another round is ahead..

    I just thought you could get another expert's opinion from the site. And it will be for free. Our consultation was conducted in London. Josephine was professional and really helpful. We got another insight on our problem and some of the most suitable solutions to choose from.

    I wish you the best with your further treatment! X :)

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