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Hi ladies I've not been on here for a while but thought I'd write a quick post as i was about to start my 2nd round (an FET) after my first failed. We couldn't start it because I found out I was pregnant! I am now just over 6 weeks! It came as a total shock as we were told the likelihood of it happening naturally were pretty slim due to our age and other factors. Anyway I'm not writing this to gloat but to give you all hope and to never give up on your dream of becoming a parent as you never know what is waiting around the corner. It is early days and after nearly 3 years of trying although we are over the moon we are nervous too. Just keeping everything crossed.

Best wishes to you all xx

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  • Congratulations! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. x

  • Amazing news....

  • That's lovely news!! Huge congratulations X

  • What a lovely shock for you! All the best!x

  • Wow, lucky you. I wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Hi Willo38. What wonderful news! I hope you've had your first scan and got to meet your little "bean". Here's to a safe, ongoing pregnancy and birth. Diane

  • Thanks, I know I still can't believe it. We won't have our scan until I am 12 weeks with it happening naturally. I'm at 6 weeks now & got my midwife appointment in just over a weeks a time. It's early days but I'm so pleased 😊

  • Hi Willo38. Been away for a week. All getting exciting now. Hope your midwife appointment went/goes well, then not too long to wait until you get to see your little person on screen. Keep well. Diane

  • Yay!!!!!!!!!

    That's such great news 😍

  • That's amazing congratulations xxx

  • WOW... That's amazing news. Nothing's impossible πŸ’ž

  • Wow that's amazing hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy x

  • Congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations xxxx

  • Thanks everyone, it still doesn't seem real! Hoping you all get your BFP along this difficult journey xx

  • I have heard of ivf kick starting your natural ability. Glad it all worked out for you in this case. Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

  • Wonderful news congratulations xxx

  • Amazing news..congrats and enjoy 😊

  • Amazing! Huge congratulations xx

  • Wonderful news! Always great to hear that it can happen naturally even when the clinic says it is unlikely. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy X

  • Hi willo38 congratulation Hun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ If u don't mind me to ask u wrote after 3years trying , the age and other factors? Can I ask what factors ☺️ My hubby is 39 I'm 35 over 4 years trying ...after one IVF failure over year ago πŸ˜”πŸ˜” my factor is that my hubby is super ok is me ...I got one fallopian fubeπŸ˜”πŸ˜” We begin ""trying "since that IVF failure because they saying that even with one tube is possible...Now hopefully end of the June we gonna start cycle nr 2 ... When I read your post I though wow this is amazing how woman body can suprice u...congratulations Hun πŸ˜ƒX

  • Thanks it really doesn't seem real I feel so lucky 😊it's early days but fingers crossed. I am now 40 & my partner is 39. One of my tubes is under developed (really narrow) which they said was a birth defect. The other was ok. We had ICSI as my partners sperm count was low & poor motility. The odds of it happening naturally were against us. All I an say us don't give up trying, after our last icsi failed I decided to stop watching what I ate, drank, gave up exercising & acupuncture & told myself I was giving myself a break. I just went out & had lots of fun then bang I find out I am pregnant! I still can't believe it & don't think I will until I see my little bean on the scan!

    Best wishes to you hon πŸ˜ƒ Xx

  • Oh and I bought an ovulation kit just out of interest to see when & if was ovulating I swear down this helped me get pregnant 😊

  • Wow amazing news, huge congratulations xx πŸ’—πŸ˜ƒ

  • Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  • So happy for you. The predictions were true. Xxx

  • congrats!! xxx

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