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IVF programme on radio 4


Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that there is an excellent programme on BBC radio 4 about IVF, and deciding when to stop. I think the doctor might tell me tomorrow that it's not worth trying again, and this programme has helped - just from hearing the voices of people who know what this experience is like. It's worth listening to if you get the chance - it's only 30mins: bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05w85g1


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I listened to that too. I've found it a great resource to help explain how hard IVF is, especially to those people in my life who just really don't get it.

JoJo_1984 in reply to Kernishp

I'll have to check this out, is it useful if you're just starting out with ivf?xx

Kernishp in reply to JoJo_1984

Yes- it just helps to focus you without scaremongering. And for those not going through IVF it shows very clearly just how much of a deal it is for people going through it.

Thanks for sharing 😊

My hubby heard this and said it was really good to hear from the men interviewed as you don't often get a male perspective. Thanks for sharing I was going to try to find this later myself :-)


Thanks for the link; it was interesting. I'm just getting started with my first IVF cycle; I hope I don't have to be in that position, deciding when to stop. Thinking of you - stay strong. x

Just listened to it, was really good to hear all of the varying stories and that other people have come out the other end ok xx

I'll check that out, I think we'll have one more go with an egg donor and then give up. It sounds like this programme has been helpful for people.

There was also a phone in with a fertility specialist on woman's hour yesterday. bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05wpmkn

This is fantastic I'm due to start in July and very confused about injections and procedures is it 2 weeks you find out if you've concieved?

have you all felt unwell with the procedures and injections?

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