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Infertility and PCOD


I am 30 years of age(going to be 31 soon).

We are trying for baby since 2010. First time I conceived on first cycle but miscarried in Feb 2011.It was a twin pregnancy.

Tried again in Jan2012 and miscarried in march 2012. This time there was nothing in yorksac. So blighted ovum. I was on duphaston by my Indian Doctor(she didnt order any blood tests till then). After my second miscarriage she ordered a full blood history and found very high levels of AMH indicating PCO. I came back to UK and my PCO was confirmed by my GP after ultrasound. She didnt allow a gynecologist since I was not trying then for 1 year and had 2 know miscarriages . Hence was put on metformin 500 mg thrice(which i couldnot tolerate, so reduce it to twice a day)

Now We are actively trying on all the fertile days and more to fall pregnant from april 2012 without any success. To make a point, I do take tempratures and ovulation kits to pin down fertile days.

What are my options to see a gynecologist in jan2013. I am already suffering a know issue and not able to conceive. Doesn't it make me eligible for a proper treatment?

Many thanks,


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Hi. Only just read your post and back today after holiday break. So sorry to hear that you are not receiving any further treatment for your condition, other than the Metformin which didn’t agree with you. I feel that as you have now been trying for two years to have a baby and have suffered two miscarriages, you should be eligible for a referral for infertility treatment on the NHS. You need to go back to your GP and ask him/her to refer you to a specialist for further investigations and appropriate treatment. I don’t know if it is true in your case, but many women with PCO have a tendency to be a bit overweight. If this is the case with yourself, then you need to try and lose any excess weight, as this is often one of the criteria considered before being accepted for treatment on the NHS. I wish you both well with the outcome.

Diane Arnold


Thanks for your reply DianeArnold. I have had several chats and discussions with number of GPs about my condition. Unfortunately, all say one thing i.e. unless a couple is trying unsuccessfully for more than a year or have had suffer 3 miscarriages they cant refer them to consultant. Its very unfortunate, for people like me who know where the problem lies, have less years in hand (best eggs before age of 35)and yet not seen. Well, its painful,but i have got no choices.

Also to answer your question, pco does effect weight in females. By god grace, till now i m not severely hit. I am in normal range weight and do follow a high protein low carb diet.

One more thing, my GP told me to take aspirin 75 mg till first trimester if I fall pregnant. Does it not require any blood test before such advice? I questioned her why she is prescribing it but no answer and said its up to me. But didn't tell why or why not I should be taking baby aspirin.


Hi I hope you are holding up ok. A bit of back ground info, I have PCOS I tried for 11 years, all types of treatments and several attempts at IVF before I was lucky. I suffered 2 miscarriages during that time, but when I fell pregnant the last time my doctor also advised me to take baby aspirin for the first trimester, I dont recall the exact reasoning, something to do with thinning the blood and help prevent clots forming that may result in a miscarriage. I would go and ask the question again and insist on a full answer. Concerning referral I would nag your GP until you get one, you are right, now is not the time to sit back and wait. Good Luck x


Booikin, thanks for your reply. Yes, my Gp said the same thing. For thinning of blood. But shouldnt we be first tested for blood cloting .They prescribe it randomly in most cases. Its not a very good choice to go on taking so many medicines when we should be taking the least. More over, asiprin does passes through placenta, hence was concern. Why not order a blood test to clear the situation :). But i know how over loaded NHS is :(. As, per my research, there are not many supporting asiprin theory without blood test..


I was tested after my second miscarriage and there was no blood clotting issues, however it was suggested when I was lucky enough to get pregnant after my final IVF attempt, and it certainly didn't do any harm. But this is certainly a choice you must feel comfortable with. I hope you get your referral soon. Fingers crossed and good luck x


Just wondering do you pcos/pcod suffers have your monthly cycles or any of you not av them. Just my daughter doesn't have them. She used to but then ad 1 to 2 a year but not ad any at all for about 2 years now. The whole thing is tearing her apart. Which tears me apart seein her suffer. G.p. seem so ignorant to be honest. Yes she has put on some weight but nothing to the obese size. And she was a size 8 up until afew years ago and still never had regular cycles or conceived. She is only 20 21 in april but the past 3 years have been a nightmare. As im sure U all feel the same. Good luck to U hope you manage very soon to conceive


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