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I’m 35, having Poly-Cystic Ovarian problem. We’ve started our family

planning two and a half years ago. But I cannot conceive in a normal way. After

that consulted a couple of doctors, unfortunately all in vain. I’m taking medicines

for PCO from when it has been detected. Also we two undergone through every

possible blood test and other tests. There is no other disorder detected other

than PCO.My doctor said that there is more than 60% chances for natural

pregnancy. Now my question is that should I wait for a natural pregnancy or think

about IVF?(Medium)

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Hi there, it can take up to a year to start IVF if you need further tests or treatment so nothing to lose going for ab initial appointment or open evening from a clinic you are interested in. I had ovarian cysts and other complications removed via an op (day surgery) and then treatment to optimise thyroid function which also helped regulate my periods for the first time ever... and I am 41 btw.


Yeah I think if you'd be going through NHS for ivf it's definitely worth getting through any waiting lists. I've self funded at a local NHS clinic and it's still taken a long time due to waiting times. Fingers crossed you would get pregnant in that time 😊


Hello there, it is so nice to meet you all, makes me feel not alone in this...I am new to this online community, and haven't posted very much so far either, but i find it extremely helpful to read and sometimes comment on here too. It is very supportive to share similar stories and quite different, to give word of hope to those who seeks advice and a piece of someone else's experience. I am 37 and i am a mom of a 7 year old girl, but desire for a second baby, keep trying for almost two years now, but with no success... Hopefully with all of support and advice on here in some short future i will have the happy news) It is so supportive when someone prays for you and keeps fingers crossed... All of best luck to each end every of you! Kind wishes to you all!!



As it was mentioned above, there is no problem without solution, we just don't know where to start. please consult a specialist about this he may support you. You have a number of healthcare professionals who can potentially treat this condition, but each one looks at it from their perspective.So be sure to mention all your symptoms, even if your doctor is primarily focused on one of them for the best treatment.

It's time to take good diet in your daily life.


1.High-fiber vegetables, such as broccoli.

2.Lean protein, such as fish.

3.Anti-inflammatory foods and spices, such as turmeric and tomatoes.


1.Foods high in refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and muffins.

2.Sugary snacks and drinks.

3.Inflammatory foods, such as processed and red meats.

Weight loss may be the best medicine according to some specialists.

First try to natural pregnancy by consulting specialist because you are having 60% of chances for natural pregnancy by having Poly-Cystic Ovarian problem. All the best for your 40%.



Hi, I would wait a little longer. Remember that the limit to conceive naturally is one year. Although if you waited so long you should get in control with a doctor. If you already have PCOS medication, try going to a fertility clinic. I was trying to conceive and they sent me to one. I'm still trying, but I was given medication for the time being to stabilize my hormone levels. With the IVF procedure you should talk to your doctor. I think they should first explore more options and if there is no other, then try the IVF. It's not something you should choose without a doctor's visit first.

My best wishes.



Hiya, you'll find lots of amazing support on here! I'm not 100% sure but I thought PCO and PCOS are different conditions, anyone?

Lots of women with both conditions do manage to get pregnant naturally, it often takes them longer though, a referral to a fertility Dr would be a good idea.

It would also be a good idea to start plotting your basal body temperature first thing in the morning, if you're not already doing so, as this will tell you whether/when you ovulate which should help time conception easier. Our youngest daughter has PCOS, she's losing weight by eating whole foods and cutting out sugar and processed food and her cycle is regulating nicely.

Good luck, you'll find loads of help on here xx


Hi Nancy! Well, I think you should give it a try again (Because I'll always prefer natural way over an IVF) But, still if you think that you can't do it. So, by the second option, you should really go for an IVF without wasting years. Anyway! I also tried 5 years of conceiving through natural route. Now, I am going for an IVF to Ukraine. But, I want you to know that I still tried the natural way first. That's all!


My spouse's sister was ttc for her baby 1, but after an year of continuous striving she consulted a specialist where she has been asked to take all the necessary blood tests and hormonal tests, there she is diagnosed with PCOS. She has taken all the necessary precautions and medications for her baby but it was very unfortunate with her, that there was no hope. Later, she was recommended by her gynecologist to get an IVF done. She has started taking appointments for IVF and now she is hopeful. I guess you should also get an advice on this from your consultant. Good luck.


Hey there!. You said your wife's cycle is 32 days in length. Ovulation Typically happens 14 days When AF. You ought to attempt on those 16th, seventeenth Furthermore eighteenth day. Be that as to make sure I recommended you begin temping. You best must purchase An BBT thermometer once. It's not difficult should use, reusable and not thereabouts exorbitant. At whatever point your wife may be ovulating as stated by enticing you camwood check utilizing an ovulation test. Wish you two the best! keep your trusts high!.


Hey, how are you doing?

To my knowledge, IVF has never been a simple and sorting procedure. THere are so many things that you have to consider before you go up with the procedure.

It would take probably a year of sorting things. If you would consult with any of the known and committed services of the fertility clinic.

The reason for saying all this that you can look for both of the options. Till the time you prepare for IVF, you could do your try of conceiving naturally.

And if you won't succeed in that, then you said it earlier that you have 60 percent chances of having a pregnancy this means you have a great quality of eggs available so for sure you would have a great IVF procedure.


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