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We have our very first appointment at our Fertility Clinic on Monday for routine SA etc.. We've been trying naturally (at home insemination) for 15 timed cycles. OH has a spinal cord injury so we have issues with mild MFI and a few other things. Although I now hold out very little hope in conceiving 'naturally' my fertile window approaches. Should we keep doing what we've been doing with a 'nothing to lose attitude' or just stop trying to ttc at home now that we are about to embark on our IVF journey? Ignoring my fertile window is going to be so hard after all these months of religiously trying to get pregnant.

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  • Hi there! Sorry to hear that it hasn't worked out yet, have you spoken to your GP? I only ask because going through the nhs takes ages to get the ball rolling if you were to go through ivf on the NHS. I was referred last year June and I have my first ivf appointment next month. However in that time iv had an operation and two failed iui's. Good luck x

  • Yes we saw our GP in January 2015 then I was put under the care of a gynaecologist at the local hospital. I had bloods and a Hysterosalpinogram. OH has had two semen analysis' done already. But this Bank Holiday Monday is our first Clinic appointment. Within the at the next appointment they are scheduling me for a Transvaginal Ultrasound so the ball is already rolling....

  • Sorry I meant at the next appointment ⬆️

  • Hi Tugsgirl, I think it will be hard not continuing to do what you've been doing for this long. I would continue trying as long as you can, speak to your clinic and so long as they are happy with that I would give it another shot! You never know! Lots of luck to you with your journey, I hope everything works out for you x x x

  • Thank you! I will see if I can ask anyone on Monday I guess x

  • I would give them a ring, they will be used to questions like this and I'm sure they could give you an answer over the phone :) x

  • Who would I ask to speak to? As we've not had any appointments yet (until Monday) we've not been assigned a nurse or doctor or anything. I don't know what to ask or who to ask. What if I ttc at home this month and by some miracle managed to conceive but had to have my Transvaginal Ultrasound within the 2ww? I kinda feel like it's not worth taking the risk, on the other hand it's not likely to happen anyway! X

  • I would just call and ask who you could speak to, I'm sure they've been asked this before :) When I was pregnant my scans were transvaginal as baby was too small to see by an external scan so I wouldn't worry too much about that but maybe make them aware that you have still been trying. The clinic will advise you further. If you can wait until Monday and not miss your 'window of opportunity' haha just wait until then but I'm impatient so I would call! x x x

  • According to my FF app I'm fertile from tomorrow onwards with tomorrow being CD16. I have ovulated as early as CD16 to as late as CD24 in 15 cycles so I think I've managed to answer my own question; no ttc for us this weekend because OH needs to abstain for Monday's test x

  • I'm so dumb!! I was looking at September's predictions!! My August fertile window begins Tuesday of next week so I am good to wait until the appointment and ask then! 😂 X

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