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unexplained infertility


Have anyone been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and after that turned out to really have a reason for

their infertility? I just had BFN which means that my second FET (had 2 fresh, 2 frozen cycles in total) didn’t work so I’m determined to find out what’s the actual reason for my unexplained infertility. It just doesn’t make sense anymore. It might sound a bit silly but it’s hard to accept that with no obvious reason I’m not able to conceive for more than 5 years. Last year after my first FET I got BFP but miscarried at week 7 unfortunately...

If anyone can share their experience with similar situation would be great.

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Hi there, you sound a lot like me. I am so frustrated with the ‘unexplained’ label my husband and I have. At one point, they thought it could be his morphology which was slightly below average... they put him on vitamin e for months and when he did another sample it came back fine. However standard IVF did work for us and we were advised to do ICSI which suggests that there might be problem with sperm but consultant was very vague about this.

We have our review meeting in August and I’m really hoping we get some answers. Like you, I feel that nobody is telling me why I’m unable to get pregnant.

When is your next review meeting? Xx

Padme777 in reply to Pandora2019

Hi Pandora,

I have to phone the clinic tomorrow with the result of the test and they’ll book a review appointment, I guess it’ll be some time in August like yours. I really don’t know what “the right” questions to ask would be. I’m thinking of changing the clinic now but haven’t picked another one yet. At first we were advised to go for ICSI too because of an issue with my partners first sample, but after repeating the test all was fine and IVF worked just fine. All seems fine but the cycles failed. And you’re so right, it’s so frustrating xx hope it’ll work for you next time x

Hi, we too have ‘unexplained’ with possible slight sperm issues so had ICSI we have had three FET all with supposedly great quality embryos and all have failed we have our review on Wednesday so will be interesting to hear what the doctor says as at last review she was still saying it was luck of the draw really xx

Hi Core,

every time we hear absolutely the same. After “third time lucky” as they said ended up not being lucky at all, I felt so extremely depressed because for something so important in my life I have to rely only on my luck! Xx Hope your review goes well and you’ll find some answers x

Just to say you aren’t alone - we are the same - there was a suggestion my OHs swimmers got a bit ‘tired’ after 24 hours but they also say we technically don’t need ivf as there is no reason we aren’t getting pregnant but years later we still aren’t. We have been lucky enough to get pregnant at least twice but both have failed, again no one knows why, currently on my 3rd round of fresh - nothing changed from second where we got a good result and this time result has been much worse - no one can tell us why. Apparently it’s all ‘luck’ which, as a control freak, doesn’t sit well with me at all. Good luck with your appt will be interested to hear what you are told xx

Padme777 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you Daisy, and really sorry to hear for your failed pregnancies, it’s devastating I know. I don’t think I’ll hear anything new, have to figure out what to do next Xx

Hi. I am unexplained too and have had 2 failed FET. Frustrating doesn't even cut it! My clinic have advised me that after a 3rd failed transfer they will rin more tests (enter the breakdown that I thought I had had them all and unexplained was the bottom line!). The only way I can focous is by saying to myself that unexplained isn't a big fat never. In some respects thay may bring more piece of mind... but it still leaves some optimism to focous on. Dr Robert Winston says that "unexplained " isn't real, just a limit to the tests that are carried out by providers. Have you asked your provided about further tests beyond an unexplained diagnosis as apparently there are some! X

Really sorry to hear with Padme777. I know it is different in different places, but I found our clinic very much revealed information on a 'need to know' basis. We had three rounds (one live, two frozen) and lost all five fertilised embryos in the process before they said 'so now we'll need to look at the causes of implantation failure'. They said standard procedure in the UK is for three failed rounds before further investigations because until it's three or more they cannot determine a pattern. This is the same with miscarrying - they wait for three to have occured before further investigations apparently ... I really hope you're able to find some answers xxx

Sorry to read about all you've been through. Our infertility was unexplained. Although I had a low ovarian reserve, my blood tests strongly suggested I was ovulating and I had very regular periods so I never doubted I was. After an unsuccessful fresh transfer, I got pregnant after a FET and had my baby boy last year.

Earlier this year we started trying abd I found out I was pregnant naturally. Obviously after the struggle we'd had to conceive our son, we were shocked it happened so quickly but absolutely over the moon.

I don't really know why it took almost 4 years and ivf to get pregnant, but the process seems to have reset my body or just made me more fertile. Initially when we started trying for our first baby we had sex casually each month just thinking it would happen. I probably started tracking things after about 6 months of no luck. Then we'd be very active around when the opks suggested I was most fertile and not much the rest of the month. I think that's the only thing we did differently with our second pregnancy.

Someone once said to me on health unlocked that they believed for people who had unexplained infertility that there was probably a reason. It really upset me as we were just trying fir our second and I needed some hope it might happen. My own experience has led me to believe we didn't have any issues we just didn't get lucky for all those years, but that comment stayed with me. I suppose my point is that you just don't know... Maybe "unexplained" for one person means there is an issue, but for another person there isn't?

Either way, wishing you lots of luck on your journey and I hope you get your miracle.

Yes I have unexplained infertility, No issues on either side. My thyroid is in the “normal” range overall but really I needed levothyroxine to bring it down to “IVF normal”. But that’s the only thing it potentially could have been although the consultants don’t think so. Other than that we are both young and healthy, I started trying in my late twenties so it was a real frustration for us.

Luckily, IVF worked first time for us. Good luck on your journey, you’ll get there! Xxx

I was diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility after having three normal pregnancies in my early 20s. We did IVF and got pregnant on our first try and froze 8 embryos. When we decided we wanted another, they saw a hydrosalpinx and I had laparoscopy that diagnosed endometriosis and they removed that Fallopian tube. So I guess we have a reason, but they would still treat it the same way. I had a failed FET before the surgery and then a BFP and miscarriage after. Trying one more cycle.

I’m so sorry treatment hasn’t been successful (yet) and so sorry for your miscarriage.

I’m unsure of what investigations you’ve had so far but our infertility was classed as “ unexplained “ for 5 years & 10 months until I had a laparoscopy which endometriosis was found & treated, conceived afterwards but miscarried early had another 2 surgeries to treat endometriosis & conceived my 5 week old daughter 2 cycles after 3rd surgery. If you haven’t had a laparoscopy perhaps that would be worth looking into it’s a minor surgery.

I’ve also seen ladies with repeated failure have success following the use of steroids during treatment.

I used steroids ( raised nk cells) & progesterone pessaries until I was 12 weeks & I’m sure that kept my baby safe ( I had bleeding in early pregnancy)

Anyway all the best to you i hope your BFP is coming soon xoxo

Ive been through IUI, IVF and ICSI with 2 separate partners, both due to being 'unexplained'. Today, I got my results from my Reproductive Immunologist which highlights that I have v.high active natural killer cells.

Finally, after 15 years, I finally have a reason and a treatment plan that makes sense.

I know it's not a BFP (yet!), but I feel one step closer.

It's only through the power of research, connecting with people, talking to holistic therapists, joining the dots and perseverance that has got me here.

You know you, tune in and keep going.

Sending you lots of love

Nodds xx

Padme777 in reply to Nodds

Thank you Nodds,

I really needed to hear something like that.

Well I’m not saying it’s good to have a problem but at least knowing what it is makes it a bit easier to accept why all is happening. I’ll keep researching for sure, will try some alternative options too.

Lots of love to you too xX


I am in the same boat. Even the doctors call me "textbook" which is very frustrating. All tests come back "within range". Regular ovulation, periods, good egg reserve & quality. Everything is fine on paper. With 4 years TTC and 3 rounds of IVF later.... Still no baby. Not even a hint of a BFP. Due to bark on our 4th cycle (frozen) soon. My consultant did refer me to the Warwick university doing research on NK cells. Have you heard about it? If our next cycle is unsuccessful, then I'm going to give it a go.

Keep going Hun, you gotta have hope x

IVF PGG NGS worked for a friend of mine who is unexplained

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