How long does it take to find out ivf entitlemen?

My partner has recently had chemotherapy & had sperm stored before treatment. We want to start a family & use the stored sperm. I have been waiting nearly a month & still don't know whether the local pct will decide to offer ivf. Pretty much going out of my mind waiting & wondering. I'm wondering whether we will not be offered ivf because we've not been trying to conceive, but as it isn't advisable due to risk of genetic issues caused by toxicity of chemo and it can take up to two years for fertility to maybe come back I don't feel I should be excluded. It seems likely that my partner will need further chemo before 2 years anyway. Anyone had similar experiences of waiting for a decision? Anyone in a similar situation received or receiving ivf? Or any advice on how long I should wait before going back to my GP? Feeling really frustrated & alone.

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  • Hi. Yes, it’s really frustrating waiting for a decision from your PCT. It might be a good idea to go back to your GP and see whether he/she can “chase up” any decision regarding funding infertility treatment. If all is well with yourself, then maybe you could be eligible just for IUI (intra uterine insemination) using your partner’s sperm, instead of having to go through IVF? If you do get turned down, then you could appeal against the decision. If you have a look at our website: on the “FFF” (funding for fertility) pages, you will be able to find template letters under the heading “resources”. There is an appeal letter that you can fill in and send off to the PCT covering your GP’s postcode. Hope this helps a little, and I do wish your partner well with any future treatment he may need.

    Diane Arnold

  • Hi, thanks for your reply & well wishes.

    I had an appointment with the GP today who had a response from the treatment provider stating they would cover my treatment which I feel incredibly releaved about. Not sure how many rounds they will cover (local pct info online suggests 2) or if they will try IUI (as I have mild PCOS). Will be starting fertility work up dec or jan depending on my next cycle. Just happy to be heading in the right direction!

  • Good to hear some positive news! Fingers crossed for you both.

    Diane Arnold

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