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Hi ladies,

So I had my appointment on Friday to get the results of my genetic blood test and to finally see a consultant. All results were great, hormone levels good etc. She said I am a great candidate as I don't appear to have any fertility problems myself (we need IVF as partner had cancer and treatment made him infertile, thank god he stored sperm before hand).

Even better news, she said I should be matched up with an egg recipient in 2 to 4 weeks (possibly even sooner) and then we can finally start treatment. Even better, I only have to have the short treatment so injections will only be 17 days worth! Thank goodness!

I cannot believe I could actually be pregnant at the end of May! It seems so unreal! And the fact I may be able to help someone else become a mummy too just makes everything so much more amazing! xxxx

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  • Hi misssav. This is wonderful news – even better that you are helping someone else too! I really do wish you every good wish with this, and will keep everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, just waiting on tender hooks now for that phone call to say we have a match! Especially because they've said it's going to be so 2 and counting! x

  • Hi missav, that all sounds really promising. Good luck with your treatment x

  • Missav brilliant news I'm really pleased your appointment went well so great you're moving forward :) Am so happy to hear all is going well for you xxx

  • Hi Jess1981. Thank you so much :-) Can't believe it's going to happen to quick (Fingerscrossed) How is everything going with your treatment now? xxxxx

  • It's not Hun I had to cancel my ivf as I've been experiencing bleeding in between my periods and I saw a lovely lady dr last week who advised cancelation and I'm having a load of hormone blood test on day 5 including thyroid profile. And I'm being referred for a pelvic ultrasound so depending on wot the results see where I go from here.

    I hope things go smoother for you and you can start your treatment very soon wishing you lots of luck with it all xxxx

  • Oh no, that's a shame but it's best to get everything sorted out so you have the best chance possible when you do start, which must be frustrating :-( Will keep you posted. I've only had to wait 2 days and I'm already finding it hard. God knows what I'll be like when I finally get to the 2ww xxxx

  • I know there's way too much waiting around to do in this process!! One would have to have the patience of a saint to stay sane !!! No advice on how to sea with the waiting I'm rubbish at it!! I'm waiting now for my period to start so I can at least book my blood tests and get this rolling it's due Sunday. I was upset to cancel but better than a failed ivf cycle would be so much worse. The scan can be done any day of my cycle that's good but oh my god I'm like you I hate waiting I just want a date now it's only been a week since I saw my dr ekk!! My ex nurse (fertilty) thinks it's most likely a polyp and that can affect potential implanation it's good to get it sorted now :) clinic weren't great but that's wot I come to expect off them( they prescribed me thyroxone without clearing it with my dr .)

    I've got a nice lady dr and kind ex nurse giving me all the medical support I need and I'll be ok :) I'm in safe hands :)

    I hope they find you a match soon I'm sure it won't take that long. Mine was 5 weeks . Do keep me updated love to hear your wonderful progress x

  • I will do Jess, and please keep me updated with you too! Sending you lots of love and patient thoughts lol! :-) xx

  • Hi misssav how are you? I'm going to have to learn to be patient Lol I contacted the hospital to check if they had received the referral they have phew but got a 6 week back log! will keep you posted x

  • Hiya. I'm good thank you, still waiting for the call lol! Day 4 and counting. That's brilliant they got the referral but bloody hell 6weeks! Urh, nothing is ever quick is it! x

  • Hi Hopeful1982, Thank you :-) I hope everything is going well with you too xxx

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