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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and want to say how lovely it's been to read everything and the advice you have given to many people. you all have given great support to everyone and can't wait to be apart of that.

Me and my partner are going to start ivf at the end of the month. Which is very exciting. My partner had cancer at a young age which means he can't have children naturally But stored his sperm before his treatment.

I have been looking in to egg sharing as I would like to be able to also give my eggs to someone as well as having ivf my self. I'm doing this because i What it's like to have something you can't have πŸ˜”.

I was wondering if anyone has done egg sharing or has any advice to offer me.

Thank you 😊

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  • I egg shared I have a beautiful two year daughter and so does The lady I egg shared with it's a wonderful experience to give someone the gift of life xxx

  • That's amazing . Thank you so much for replying back . Gift of life is a perfect way to explain it xxx

  • Hi there, I did the same and shared my eggs. unfortunately I only had 8 eggs which isn't enough to share and donated them all. I'm only letting you know this as I wasn't prepared for it. My AMH levels are high but my body didn't response well.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you for replying . I think your amazing to have given them all away I can't imagine how hard that was. Your message had helped as it was something I didn't think about and also what could happen. Xxx

  • I'm glad to hear that as I was the same and it was a huge shock. Good luck xxx

  • I was the recipient of an egg sharer, I am so grateful for what she did for us as we now have a beautiful baby girl. It is a brilliant thing you are going to do and somebody will be very grateful for what you are going to do for them.

    Good luck with your journey xx

  • That's wicked . I'm so pleased it worked out for you and how much egg sharing has help. I'm 100% sure this is what I want to do now. Thank you for replying you have really helped xx

  • I egg shared twice :) like you I wanted to help someone who was in a similar situation to me. The first lady got pregnant, I'm not sure about the second yet as I haven't really had the opportunity to ask but will do at my next appointment. It's a good feeling. I was at risk of OHSS but only got it on one occasion, the second time sharing I was fine. It's a risk to take into consideration but usually they keep a very close eye on you and you're well looked after. I got 22 eggs the first time and 14 the second time so good results. It's a beautiful thing to do if you can :) good luck! Xxx

  • That's amazing. Reading your message and everyone elses has made me 100% sure this is want I want to do. Egg sharing has helped on both sides and been so positive. Thank you so much xx

  • It's such a selfless, kind and incredible thing to be able to do, I am going to be using DE and without wonderful ladies like yourself I wouldnt even have the chance of having a family (3 failed cycles using my own eggs) I really do applauded you giving others the greatest gift xxx

  • I have no experience of it but am considering it for the future if we have to go through all this again. My eggs are not as good quality as they were when we started on this journey.

    My worry about egg sharing in the beginning was if the other woman got pregnant and I didn't. I think that would've messed with my head.

    Now having had my little bit, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I think it would be a wonderful feeling to help another family and to know there's a person out there who might just be a little like you and one day you might even get to meet them.

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