Long protocol IVF - how long does it all take?


I'm looking for some advice! I'm due to start IVF on my next cycle. So far the clinic have told me that I start medication on day 21 which should be approx 11 Nov. Does anyone know roughly how long it would all take and the EC or ET would be likely to be?? (Roughly?). I'm worried Christmas will interfere with things especially if the clinic is closed?


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  • Once you start stimulations it just depends on how you respond. I got told anything from 12-16 days until egg collection. They then take the eggs do the fertilisation and put the egg back in 2,3 or 5 days after. Fingers crossed for you, I start my stimulations 27th october!

  • Thanks for your reply! You'll be starting just before me! Is it your first? Good luck x

  • Yeah first cycle! Good luck too :-)

  • Hi there Wishingandhoping, I think I start my down regulators around the time you start your stims. You will have to keep me posted with it all, sounds like a few of us are cycle buddies :-)

    It's my first round and I am scared but have been trying for over 2 years and have had a miscarriage so feel we need to do this now.

    How have you found the down regulators. Are you taking bursellin? X

  • I had surgery to remove my last damaged tube about a month ago. Been given 2 lots of decapeptyl then a few days of bursellin before stim. Ive been ok so far barring one say of uncontrollable crying! Not being able to control my temp is the worst though keep getting all hot and bothered!

    Aww sorry to hear about your miscarriage - fingers crossed it all goes well for you. Its my first cycle as well it all seems a bit scary thinking about it all at once im just thinking about the next apt and then the next one x

  • The clinics will normally have a cut off date, because of Xmas, that they say you have to have started treatment by, othwrwise it would have to be after....i'd suggest calling them to ask and at least you won't be stressing yourself out...

  • Thank you! I contacted the clinic today and it looks as though I should be before Christmas will all procedures so that's good news! Alternatively she said they would sometimes prolong your medication if the hospital is closed. X

  • Hi there, I'm about to start my first IVF with long protocol too. Waiting for period this week, then I have to wait 21 days before taking bursellin to down regulate hormones around the end of October. We can be cycle buddies!

    Re timings, everyone is slightly different but for the long protocol, apparently you take the down regulators from day 21, then introduce stimulator drugs on day 5-10 of your next cycle. You then have scans regularly until they can see your ready for the trigger shot (to ovulate) so they can do EC the day after. Usually this takes 10-15 days from stims to EC, depending on when you are ready. Then you have to wait 2-5 days for ET, so all in all about 1 month from when you start your down regulators on day 21. Or 50 odd days including the 21 days leading up to when you start the bursellin. Hope that helps!

    Good luck with it all and keep me posted, I think I'll only be a week or two ahead of you xx

  • Thank you for your reply! I just want to get started now ... seems like the longest month ever! You'll have to let me know how it goes x

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