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**Update…trigger warning…safe arrival of baby**

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Just wanted to update those of you who have followed my journey and for those who are considering or undergoing Donor Egg treatment.

After the longest 9 months ever …our beautiful baby boy arrived safely on Saturday 19th Nov after a swift normal delivery. Both of us doing really well.

My pregnancy ended up being completely uneventful and straightforward despite all my worries & concerns. I was an anxious wreck the first 20 weeks!! Extra private reassurance scans got me through the worst of it 🤦‍♀️ and keeping busy.

He is donor egg conceived but to be honest I forget that most of the time. He looks just like my daughter did when she was born, just a bigger version 🥰. I have definitely bonded quicker with him than I did with her. And honestly couldn’t love him any more than I do. He’s utterly perfect and we’re overjoyed he’s arrived safely.

To all those considering donor egg treatment…it can work out. Yes it’s a route you maybe never dreamed you’d go down. But it is a route that gives hope and a chance of having the family you dream of. It’s not an easy decision. We researched it for months and spoke to those who’d undergone the treatment successfully. We joined the Donor Conceived Network UK and Paths to Parenthub network. I watched webinairs, read blogs and books on the subject so I could be as educated as possible about the pros & cons.

To make the fairytale even more amazing, our little boy inspired our wonderful midwife to be an egg donor! And she’s already signed up with a UK agency. Hopefully another family’s life will change through her gift and our baby’s inspiration ❤️❤️

I’m always happy for anyone to DM me about DE treatment and our journey.

32 Replies
Rainbowbaby22 profile image

He is lovely 😍 what a little sweetie. Well done xx

Skittles11 profile image

Congratulations and thank you for sharing this info for those of us considering donor egg treatment xx

Solly-44 profile image

He is beautiful! 🥰🥰 and what an amazing act to have inspired xx

Somoe profile image

Congrats on your bundle of joy 🎉 What a lovely story too ☺️

Miracle43 profile image

Congratulations on your Beautiful baby boy 💙. Glad you are both doing well. X

AuroraXen profile image

Welcome to the world little one! Massive congratulations Jen, thrilled for you 👏 🎊🎉 He's gorgeous. Thanks for the lovely reassuring message around DEs too. So great that you inspired someone to donate 😍 Enjoy your new family xx

Daisy1245 profile image

Amazing news Jen! So pleased he is here safely and your lovely family is complete. Masses of congrats xx

Millbanks profile image

Huge congratulations lovely!

So happy to hear your news 💖

So inspirational too xx

Haf05 profile image

Wonderful news! Many many congrats x

Sparklylife profile image

He is absolutely perfect! Congratulations to you all and I am glad you are both doing well! 🥰💙

Eternalwarrior profile image

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your gorgeous baby boy! What an inspirational story! ♥️😘😘

Star3129 profile image

He is beautiful 😍 and you are so lucky to have him,God bless the little one...Enjoy motherhood,and I hope we get to hold our healthy and happy babies in our lives soonest and enjoy the motherhood.

Such posts give so much hope,boost and energy in this journey..

Thank you for posting this💕

Banana77 profile image

congratulations 😘

Twiglet2 profile image

what a cutie 🥰 congratulations on your little miracle ! 💙💫 xx

Riri88 profile image

congratulations! Such a joy he has arrived safely and wishing you and your family all the happiness ❤️

Applepie7 profile image

Congratulations this is amazing and thank you for sharing x

Seren0119 profile image

He is gorgeous- huge congratulations xx

Nic_o_la_la profile image

Congratulations! What a beautiful little boy 💙 And so amazing of your midwife xx

Link1234 profile image

wow. I’ve just read this today and had a cry at your amazing news. Congrats.

We have started our donor egg journey here in the Uk. Problem at the clinic with first round so it was a cancelled cycle. hoping this round in Jan goes well as I am so nervous and scared. Your story gives me so much hope.

Thank you again for sharing. Good luck and enjoy xxx

Lamagarden profile image

Super congratulations! Xx

Jane8412 profile image

congratulations! Such a lovely story xx

DJ202 profile image

Big congratulations! <3

Eggfreezer2015 profile image

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your positive and great news. Xxx

Star241 profile image

So happy for you and what a gorgeous boy xx

Blueberry211 profile image

Congratulations!!! And thank you for inspiring and giving courage to others who might need to do this/ are already doing this ❤️❤️ enjoy motherhood

Miaow1975 profile image

congratulations on your beautiful little boy and thankyou for sharing. We are hoping for third time lucky with donor eggs next year and I’m sure you will be forever grateful for the gift the donor has allowed you to have. Enjoy being a mum xxx

Bomboncita profile image

Happy for you. Your text touched me. 🤗

sjlrun profile image

Congratulations and thank you for sharing this! We are on this journey too, using a donor is very special in many ways, just praying i get to write a post like yours someday soon. Enjoy your special family and all the great moments it will bring x

Kmcdon profile image

congratulations! He’s gorgeous. I’m on the same journey so would be grateful if you have a minute to pm me with details of clinic used. Kxx

LoveToGive profile image

congratulations on your precious one and thank you for sharing your story.

Cinderella5 profile image

Huge congratulations Jenroy! He's a little cracker.💙xxx

Storm4 profile image

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story with us. He is adorable 🥰 x

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