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**CAUTION: SENSITIVE POST** Safe arrival of our miracle baby

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Our beautiful baby girl arrived safe and sound (38+4) at 23:01 on 15th Dec after a normal but quick labour. Surprised us all!

We’ve now been home 5 nights and are loving every second. We give thanks every day for our little miracle. Can’t quite believe our “below average” embie made it this far.

It’s been such a rollercoaster journey. I’ve worried and agonized throughout, just willing her on and here she is.

I wish everyone all the luck in the world in their journey for their little miracle. It’s unbelievably tough and thank you to everyone on the forum who gave invaluable advice and support eso when I doubted we’d ever get there.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and new year...and hope 2019 is your year xx

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Huge congratulations. Beautiful xxx

Huge congratulations! 🤱🏻💕🎉👍

Its amazing what hope faith and belief takes you. God is amazing for blessing us with such a miracle.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year and congratulations again!

Thank you for sharing and giving everyone hope. It is my first pregnancy and im 16 wks (icsi ivf) i cant wait to be in your position, to be able to hold baby in my arms.

I pray 2019 is the year for everyone here who is TTC x

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JenRoy in reply to Masha111

Keep strong and positive. Every day brings your little one closer to you xx

Didn’t even realise you’d gotten a bfp! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Congratulations! And Merry Christmas 🎄 xx

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JenRoy in reply to Tugsgirl

Haha! Not sure if I posted my BFP or not. I’ve been so superstitious throughout, desperate to not jinx things 😬 x

She’s beautiful massive congratulations xxx

Congratulations Jen, she's beautiful. Merry Christmas xx

Oh lots of lovely baby pictures over the last few days 😊. Congratulations and enjoy your first Christmas together xx

Oh how beautiful is she!

Glad you had a smooth labour. Enjoy your little one-what a perfect gift xx

Congratulations xx

What a gorgeous picture 💕 congratulations xxx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations!! Beautiful!xx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations x

She's gorgeous! Congratulations and enjoy Christmas and New Year with your little one xx

What a blessing. Congratulations.

Congratulations xx

Congratulations, that’s wonderful news. Enjoy your beautiful girl x

Lovely pic! Congrats :)

Congratulations JenRoy! She's lovely xx

Aw congratulations she’s gorgeous 💗xxx

Aww, she's absolutely beautiful! Many congratulations xxx 💖

Hey Jen I have just joined on here today and saw you had the ICSI IVF which they are recommending for us. How many rounds of the ICSI did you have? And we're there problems on both sides with you and you partner. I have endo and my partners sperm tests came back a low. Thanks julia

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JenRoy in reply to Mumford80

Hi Julia. I’m afraid I only had IVF. But one of my best friends had ICSI due to male infertility.

They had the following:

1st cycle - present but MMC

2nd cycle - failed

3rd cycle - successful (Single)

4th cycle - failed

5th cycle - successful (Twins)

Good luck!

She's lovely

Awh congratulations! She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, it always so uplifting to hear success stories Xx

Huge congratulations to you she looks beautiful.

I've only just logged on to this.. we was pregnant at the same time.. you was giving me advice throughout my journey and It was all worth it.. my little girl was born on 28/12/18 take care xx

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JenRoy in reply to Baileysmith

Oh wow! Congratulations to you too. Lovely news x

Congrats! :-) she is beautiful xx

big congratulations, she is gorgeous. xxxx

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