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Warning photo attached - our miracle has arrived!


On the 13th of December our long awaited miracle Archie arrived weighing 8lb 5oz. We had been ttc for nearly 4 yrs, had 3 failed ivf cycles without a hint of a bfp, low amh, and responded so badly to the meds on our last cycle that we were advised donor eggs was our only option. While waiting for our donor match, we had the biggest shock, a natural bfp. After a long pregnancy not daring to believe it was real after years of disappointment and hopes being dashed, I can finally believe our dreams have come true now that i have him in my arms.

I know how incredibly lucky we have been and continue to educate others about the heartbreak of infertility and that ivf isn't always the magical solution people think it is. I will continue to send positive vibes to all on this journey and give advice and support when I feel I can offer something positive to those of you still fighting this battle. I also hope my story gives hope to those with repeated bfn's and who feel their body is incapable if becoming pregnant - I have been there and truly thought I would never be one of the lucky ones seeing those 2 lines. I wish you all luck and best wishes and hope to see lots of bfp's as we head into 2018. Xx

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Congratulations Anna, he’s beautiful and thank you for coming back to share and give us hope. Have a wonderful 2018 with your new boy xxx

Stunning. Congratulations enjoy your real life dream so much fun your going to have. Xxxx

What a beautiful son you have! Congratulations!! And an inspiring story -thank you!! Xx

Congratulations! Your story sounds so similar to ours. Thanks for showing us that miracles do happen x

He’s beautiful Anna. ❤️

Many congrats! He’s lovely 💕

Lovely to hear this. Enjoy every moment xx

Congratulations. Archie is a cutie. Thanks for the positive vibes.

Congratulations xx

Congratulations ❤️ xx

Congratulations 💙 lovely story of hope xx

Fantastic news beautiful baby boy x

Congratulations his gorgeous

Big congrats! A beautiful baby boy. Miracles do happen and your precious son is proof of that! Delighted and encouraged to read of such a positive and amazing personal story. Xo

Congratulations on your gorgeous new bundle. He shares a birthday with my hubby so particularly lovely to read. x

Ahhh what a beautiful story! Gorgeous little Archie....huge congratulations!!💙xx


Congratulations. Such a beautiful boy xx


Beautiful!! Massive congratulations xxx

Congratulations Archie is adorable

Congratulations! He’s gorgeous! It’s always lovely to hear stories of hope like yours

Congratulations he’s beautiful! Xx

Oh wow he’s is just gorgeous! Enjoy every moment I just love stories like yours xxxxx

Congratulations, how wonderful. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your positive story.


Congratulations Anna he is perfect! What a journey and wow you will love and appreciate him all the more. Such a gift! X

Such wonderful news ! Delighted to hear that miracles can and do happen x

Congratulations on your miracle baby! xx

Truly amazing story, thanks for sharing your miracle story. His gorgeous, congratulations!

He is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations. Love the name Archie!


Wow an amazing story x thanks for sharing. Huge congrats x what a cutie x

Congratulations 😀 💙 he’s beautiful xxx

Congratulations. He is gorgeous. What an amazing start to 2018 for you. Good luck. Xxx

Super congratulations. Can I ask when you were going through the ivf/icsi process was it male sperm or something else that was holding back the possibility of becoming pregnant?

Me and my husband have been trying for over 4 years, been told I'm fine but, his sperm mobility is very low.


He looks absolutely perfect,huge congratulations. Thankyou for posting,gives me hope. I too was told only option donor eggs but we are still trying naturally between cycles,do you.mind me asking if you changed anything eg lifestyle,supplements that you think may have helped? Xx

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