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(Warning: Baby picture) Our happy ending

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After ttc for a good while, we found out that we’d be extremely unlikely to conceive naturally so went down the route of IVF (ICSI). It was a total rollercoaster but we had luck on our side and our first attempt was successful.

Here’s Jac! He was born 11.11.2018 3 weeks and a day early at 6lbs.

Finally having him here with us is the most amazing feeling and I am so unbelievably happy. We have been truly lucky and I hope you’re all successful in your baby journey.

15 Replies

Congratulations, what a gorgeous picture too xx

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Congratulations - he is beautiful xxx

Tugsgirl profile image

Congratulations and happy new year 🥳 xx

Daddu1 profile image

Congrats. Super happy for you 😍

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Congratulations! He’s scrumptious! x

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Congratulations xx

Masha111 profile image

Huge congratulations! You did it!!! 🎊👍🏻🎉🤱🏻🤗 he is a little superman!!

You are truly blessed with one of the most amazing gifts God can give. Enjoy it mommy x

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Hi MHughes. What a handsome little fella! Safely here with his Mom and Dad. Lots of adventures to look forward to. xxxxx’s for Jac. Diane

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Congratulations, he's beautiful xx 💚💙💜

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Aww, congratulations on your little baby bear. He looks very content and happy 😊 xx

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Aww what a lovely post, Jac is just gorgeous! Hugw congrats xx

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Aww hes incredible.. congratulations! xo

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Beautiful..bless you for posting.

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Congratulations xx

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