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#SENSITIVE POST# another ivf miracle: our lockdown baby has arrived!


Sorry to anyone who this may upset, but I know there are a lot of women who find positive outcome stories really helpful (like I did).

Our little lockdown, ivf, donor sperm, hypermesis Gravidarum baby arrived 2 days early on 1st April at 8.15pm weighing 7lb 3oz. We have named him Reuben and are calling him Reu for short. After years ttc, going through the ivf process twice and then having a difficult pregnancy, I was very fortunate enough to be blessed with a fairly straight forward birth.

We are all Safely snuggled at home and although very tired, we are completely over the moon and feel so much in love with him already. To us he is absolutely perfect and simply can not take our eyes off him.

I know t’s difficult times right now and I some treatments are being postponed which is a disappointment. Whilst frustrating, It may be for the best as Stress of any kind will not help you get successful results. Please know that whilst conception difficulties are likely to remain, the lockdown will end and clinics and services will reopen it’s doors at a time it is safe and giving you the best chance of success. Even better we will all be reunited with our loved ones again and Babies like Reu can finally meet his grandparents!

Thank you to everyone for all your much appreciated advice and emotional support over the years you truly are wonderful people! I want to continue to support those like others did me so if you have any questions about ivf or using donor sperm please send me a message. Keep fighting warriors and remember you are strong and you can do this!


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A super huge congratulations and true words spoken. Everything happens for a reason ❤️ xxx

Thank you so much, it has given me hope xxx

Congratulations, Reuben is gorgeous xxx 💕

A big congratulations to the special pandemic baby . He’s a hero already .

God bless 🙏😘

Congratulations! Sorry to hear you had HG, I have it too, it's so awful when you just want to enjoy your pregnancy. Must be wonderful to not feel sick any more!

LKT1 in reply to MightyB

Sorry to hear you are suffering g to. You will be amazed how it’s almost instantly gone. Honestly everything I eat or drink is followed by this sentence ‘that is the best.........I have ever had!’ It’s awful going through it but it really helps you appreciate the small things in life afterwards!

He's gorgeous. Congratulations xx

He is beautiful congratulations 🥳 x

Congratulations! He is so cute xx

Oh wow congratulations! Ruben is absolutely gorgeous. You now have a little person to keep you busy through this isolation period. Well done xx

Congratulations mommy !! Reu you are gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for sharing your love with us. God bless you and your family

Congratulations that’s fantastic news 😀

Awww delighted for you!!💙 Congratulations he is gorgeous!!xx

Gorgeous did you end up having him in hospital?x

LKT1 in reply to Afrohair

Yes we were in a midwife led unit in hospital. Some stricter rules in place but I was still Lucky enough to be able to have my Husband with me but no other visitors allowed which is understandable.

Congratulations dear

Awww welcome to the world little Reu! He’s so cute! Congratulations xxxx

Awh lovely photo after everything you’ve been through xx congratulations to you all enjoy every minute ❤️ Xx

Lovely news, huge congratulations! Xx

Congratulations he is beautiful ❤️x

Congratulations, hope you enjoy every moment of being a mum 😍

Congratulations, he's gorgeous x

Wow congratulations

Me am seeing time is going very slow just in early pregnancy for my first ivf cycle

Cant stop worrying

LKT1 in reply to Paxita

Stop watching the news and stay home. I was worried I wasn’t going to go into labour due to stress so I made decision not to watch the news or read negative stories on social media. Do your best to avoid any stress at all costs. Best of luck xx

Paxita in reply to LKT1

Thanks very much gonna do that and waz already trying it

Absolutely stunning! A miracle is what he is 💞💞💞

What a lovely post!! Congratulations to you!!! A beautiful name for a beautiful baby boy!! Enjoy every minute xxxx

Congratulations. He is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the hope. Xxxx

Congratulations! Wishing you health and a wonderful life! xxxx

I think is the most wonderful news ever, thank you so much for sharing. I had some tough news this morning from the clinic and reading this has just made me so happy for you and for all the other wonderful women out there who deserve so much after going through all that we do. Congratulations x

LKT1 in reply to LisaBeatrix1980

Sorry you didn’t have good news but stay positive Hun and be kind to yourself xx

Aw congratulations! He is gorgeous ! Enjoy every moment with himxx

Congrats hun xxx great news Enjoy Reu and hope he gets to meet grandparents soon xxx

Aww he is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations to u xx

Hearty congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous 😍

So sorry for the delayed congratulations but congratulations ❤️❤️

I’m having a tough day and it helps to read comments on my old posts to give me hope and this is just magical to read! Congrats xxxx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations! He is perfect! Xx

Congrats ❤ Your baby boy is so beautiful!

Our family is united too now (our surrogate mother delivered in a different country during the lockdown).

Hope you are now enjoying your isolation period with your family❤


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