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Hello ladies.

Hope you are all well and having successful fertility journeys.

I am getting ready for my last ever transfer after 4 miscarriages. I have a few problems from a uterine abnormality, adenomyosis and a clotting gene mutation.

The next step for me is adoption as I can’t keep going on with all my problems.

I have tried lots of medication so far from clexane, steroids, Prostap, high dose folic acid and double progesterone

This cycle we can’t use clexane as needed a blood transfusion after my last try!

I always a develop subchorionic haematomas which is what makes me miscarry each time around 7-8 week!

So the plan is


Progesterone suppository and IM

Folic acid

Steroids prednisolone

Just wondered if anyone had used Hydroxychloroquine before and had positive outcomes? Its very new and only had one RCT.

Look forward to hearing from you

Jenny x

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Hi Jenny, I just wanted to let you know of my positive experience with Hydroxichloroquine, i can’t recommend it highly enough!. I had 4 transfers with pgd tested embryos, all using an immune protocol, steroids, clexane and baby aspirin-all resulted in chemicals. For my fifth transfer I started hydroxichloriquine about 8ish weeks before transfer, still used all the other medications and this bean stuck. I‘m now 32 weeks and have had a blissful pregnancy! I know I only have this pregnancy because of the hydroxichloriquine. Nothing else was changed. I had unexplained infertility with every test I had coming back normal. My NKC were only slightly raised. Anyway good luck with your transfer, i really hope it works for you💕💕💕


Thank you so much for talking the time to reply. This gives me home. I have little as you can imagine after my previous journey.

I have started the medication now for a June transfer 🙏

I wish you all the luck in the world. It’s an awful journey, i wouldn’t wish it on my worst ememy. Try and never loose hope, I know easier said than done💕

Thank you so much.

Last time lucky I hope 🙏 I need to keep hope unless there is no point in paying again and trying.

Il let you know how I get on x

I‘m not sure how triggering good news stories are for you or if they still help..(i got to a point i cldnt read the good news stories) but if you are interested or want some hope that this transfer might just be the one to work…look on YT or instagram for a girl called Celeste……Tim and Celeste is her name for both i think…she has had a lot more hurdles than me, her story is more like yours with many miscarriages, but on this transfer she used hydroxychloriquine too and is now i think 9/10 weeks pregnant.

Il be honest it’s the first time I’ve been on for a while. It all gets a bit too much dosent it.

But very interesting In hydroxychloroquine results. Also adding in IM progesterone this time so that could help.

Il have a wee look thanks x

Hello lovely,

I am so sorry to hear about your incredibly hard journey. I also had multiple miscarriages (4 early ones and a late one at 17+5 weeks). I, like you, also have blood clotting problems, adenomyosis and I had surgery to correct an anomaly in my womb (I had a T-shaped uterus) .

I took hydroxychloroquine just on my last transfer who gave me my baby boy, so I do think that made the difference. My previous transfer had been a top quality AA PGT-A tested embryo and it failed to implant. . . even if I was on steroids, heparin aspirin, etc. My baby boy was a lower quality embryo.

Have you been tested for ANA antibodies? Mine were very high and the doctor prescribed me hydroxychloroquine, but I had to start taking it a while before the transfer. They advised me to start taking it at least 3-4 weeks before transfer, but I started 3-4 months before.

Before my last transfer I also did EMMA, ALICE and ERA tests. My EMMA and ALICE tests came back very abnormal and I was prescribed antibiotics and probiotics before transfer. That and the hydroxy really made the trick for us, I think, and a higher dose of steroids too!

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if I can help with anything. Good luck! xx


Again thank you ver much for taking the time to reply.

Wow you actually sound like em with all the uterine issues.

I have started the hysroxychloriqune now for a June transfer on my next period.

Yeah I have had all the bloods done for multiple miscarriage. Have a gene mutation MTHFR I think it is which can affect folic acid absorption and clotting.

They don’t know if that’s why I always get a subchorionic haematoma or a mix of the IVF and previous haematomas!

I have heard about the trials around uterine underlying infections too. Might get some doxycycline to cover me just incase ha x

Yes take a dose of doxy too, just to cover all angles. I had a course for all transfers actually. Forgot about that!

Yes I will.

Which antibiotics and probiotics did you have for your abnormal Emma and Alice test?

Thanks for the advice x

The specific antibiotics and probiotics depend on the EMMA and ALICE results and the bacteria you have/ your level of lactobacillus, I think. I am allergic to amoxicillin and various similar antibiotics so I couldn't have those, which were the ones I was recommended after EMMA and ALICE tests, as I had streptococcus. So, I had midecamycin instead. The probiotics I had were Muvagyn and I also too oral probiotics.

Good luck! x


I have had 6 misscarraiges all around 6 weeks. This cycle its my 1st time using this drug and I'm currently 11.5 weeks pregnant.

Good luck x

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Hallj10 in reply to LBS08

Amazing, Congratulations. Fingers crossed it works for me x

I took Hydroxychloroquine as part of my protocol and my little girl has just turned 7 weeks old from it! Also had a great pregnancy on it so it definitely does the trick or it did for me!

That’s fantastic. Thank you for replying x

Hey there, this post is giving me a lot of hope. I'm on hydroxychloroquine for the first time after 3 miscarriages. Really hoping it helps, so let's see. I've been o it since March. Also adding in clexane as I have MTHFR and PAI 4g/5g. Also had a septum removed and discovered I had endometritis so went on a cocktail of antibiotics and probiotics. So lots of new things. Also I have had a controversial immune treatment called LIT once yk in Greece last year and another last week in London. I'm also doing a natural fet soon! If you've got MTHFR it's worth taking methyl folate or folininc acid. I've been on that for a while too. Good luck xxx

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Hallj10 in reply to Masief

Ah I’m glad it’s helping others. I am trying again next month so il have been on the hydroxy for 5 weeks before then and probably 6-7 before transfer after oestrogen.

Ahh I have never heard of them for the MTHFR. Are they prescribed or over the counter?

Good luck with this upcoming transfer keep me updated x

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Masief in reply to Hallj10

Good luck to you too! You can buy them over the counter. I'm taking prenatal with methyl folate in it and folinic acid on top. The prenatal is called cytoplan, the folinic is epigenetic! Bought both online. Really wish you the best xxx

Thank you very much x

Hi everyone, great to hear hydroxycloriquine has been helpful for so many, I’ve been on it for about 6 months now. Just wondering what dose everyone is on? I’m on 200mg a day but my Immunologist has recently told me to double that… I’m a bit wary of this dosage as it seems high. Any thoughts on this? (Sorry Hallj10 for hijacking your post) x

I was prescribed 200 mg a day, but I was told the dose can vary depending on your weight. Good luck! X

Ok thanks. I weigh 60kg so it’s not due to that… I’ve had three chemical pregnancies whilst taking it so he obviously thinks it not enough to dampen my immune system. I just haven’t heard of anyone being prescribed that much unless they have a full auto immune condition…

Are you on any other medication? I was put on steroids too, but they had to increase my dose for the transfer that gave me my little boy because the dose I had been on previously wasn't enough. Maybe your consultant thinks the same as mine but with different medication?!

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GJW2018 in reply to Kimbob82

I was taking 200mg twice a day and my BMI is healthy. I also had intralipids every 6 weeks and Clexane 40mg once a day all till 28 weeks

I’ve had the whole kitten kaboodle. Dexamethasone, hydroxy, intrallipids (only once though) naltrexone, clexane etc. Never gotten past 4.5 weeks though :(

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Hallj10 in reply to Kimbob82

Ahh I’m the same but at 8 weeks. Soon as I hit 6 weeks the pains and bleeding starts x

I have been told one a day for the first 5 week then up to two a day after transfer x

Hi there.

Wishing you so much luck... I am a huge fan of this drug!

I had two IVF transfers which resulted in a chemical pregnancy and miscarriage at 6 weeks. Saw an immune specialist and added in Hydroxychloriquine, heparin and Intralipids and I am now 31 weeks pregnant at 42 years old.

I also had unexplained fertility and refused to go through more IVF until I had more answers... I knew it wasn't just my age... My results showed active NK cells and high thyroid antibodies. I think it's a little miracle drug!

BTW I also had a subchorionic haematoma but it was small and the docs weren't overly concerned. By 20 weeks it had gone! And then I had Placenta Previa but by 28 weeks that had moved up so I'm now low risk apart from my age. xxx


Ahh fantastic news for you. I think it’s the SCH that have made me miscarry every time to be honest.

I start sign cramps around 6-7 week and bleed. Have a scan, find the SCH and a heartbeat then miscarry a week or so later. Literally the same every time 😭

Tried clexane last time and nearly bled out. Had to have a transfusion so can’t do that again!

Will see what this cocktail does this time but like I’ve said it’s my last one so fingers crossed xx

Ah bless you, I'm so sorry. I will be keeping everything crossed for you. xx

I’m so glad you posted this. Been great hearing so many positive replies. I started hydroxy in March . I’m taking two tablets every morning (400mg)

I will hopefully be starting an FET in June. I’m am also taking aspirin nightly and closer to transfer , fragmin for blood thinning.

Wishing you lots of luck xxx

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Hallj10 in reply to Rol81

Good luck in your journey xx

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