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Endometrial thickness

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I was hoping to get some reassurance.

I had a scan 2 days ago prior to FET while on estrogen tablets and my lining was 7.1mm. Although not great my doctor advised it was accepted and to start progesterone today and will do the transfer in 5 days.

I had a repeat scan today after having trigger shot 2 days ago and taking progesterone gel this morning and my lining is now 6.7mm.

Is it normal for it to reduce? Doctor says it is normal but I’m a bit worried. He did mention it’s the lining prior to the trigger shot and not afterwards - anyone with similar experiences?

Thank you all xxx

5 Replies
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Hi Bump! From what I understand, it's normal and expected for your lining to compact a little after you start progesterone. It's the thickness beforehand that counts, which is what your doctor mentioned, and all part of the process. I've never had it measured after starting progesterone so can't comment on that bit though!

Best of luck for transfer!! 💕🤞🥳

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Hoop is right, your lining compacts with progesterone so dont panic! Good luck.xx

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Bump12 in reply to Cinderella5

Does it happen even with 1 dose of progesterone? Thank you I feel so much better now xx

And good luck to you both as well ❤️

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Hi Bump, Sometimes the angle of the wand can make the measurement a little bit off. Don’t worry about it, if your doctor said ok, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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Bump12 in reply to Liediana81

I didn’t realise that. Makes sense though though thank you

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