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What is a good endometrial thickness?

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Hey 👋 all. Hope all is well. 🤗

Just wanted to ask for some advice on endometrial thickness on day 9 scan.

I am having my day 9 scan tomorrow for FET. What sort of thickness is a good thickness for this time of the cycle.

Thanks in advance.


12 Replies
Dodoyeen profile image

Hi Faith Anything between 7mm to 15mm is good. I had 13.7mm. I think it’s because of the raspberry leaf tea I was taking. Good luck x

Faith103 profile image
Faith103 in reply to Dodoyeen

I’ve got 11mm 😃

I’m so happy. They have said it’s a good thickness xxx

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Millbanks in reply to Faith103

That's excellent! xx

Dodoyeen profile image
Dodoyeen in reply to Faith103

Yay!!!! That’s amazing 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Hoop123 profile image

Hi Faith, this first scan can be a bit of a baseline so I wouldn't worry too much about what thickness you are at, as things usually pick up from that point. If you are over 7mm on day 9 I would class that as great! But if you're not quite there, there is still plenty of time. Good luck xx

FrancyItaly profile image

I had 12.7 at that point, before egg collection! It’s not only the tickness that counts, it has to be trilaminar! Good luck xxx

Faith103 profile image
Faith103 in reply to FrancyItaly

I’m doing a FET. Lining was 11mm having transfer next week. 😃 xxx

FrancyItaly profile image
FrancyItaly in reply to Faith103

That’s a great start! Sounds very positive. Good luck! Xxx

Andysa profile image

Hello, I’ve been told between 8-13mm for transfer. I'm sure that week will make all the difference. It must be horrible having the stress of trying to rearrange work as an added pressure! But It is a very tough situation to handle, so it is very important to stay strong and positive. Just wanted to say that for my first FET it took 20days before my lining was thick enough. They had to slowly up the dose to 6 by the end.... drove me crazy!!!

Then my clinic( in Ukraine) made some changes in my routine. This time though I was at 8.1 by day 10 , what did I do differently? They started me at 4 progynova/day, I had 2 acupuncture sessions, added pea protein powder to my diet, put my legs up the wall a few minutes most nights and drank beetroot juice most days. No idea if any of these made a change but clearly something worked.

Now in my 2WW.... again....🙈

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Faith103 in reply to Andysa

Exciting your in your 2 week wait.

How are you feeling?

I had scan yesterday my lining is 11m having transfer next week.xxx

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Hope everything went well with your scan today and your lining is thickening up nicely - if not it still has time as it's only day 9 Should be above 8 mmGood luck


Faith103 profile image
Faith103 in reply to JA-fnuk

It was 11mm on day 9. Fingers crossed 🤞 it’s a good thickness xxx

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